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  1. Is that your wish or did you hear this from some new source? The ISO range seems tempting, but not sure how sure it fares beyond 6400!
  2. That was exactly the amount that I'm going to pay here in Germany for a Leica M that comes with the 2 year Leica warranty. @Missme.... yes we miss you! Could you post the link to the online shop where we could get a brand new Leica M 240, with a 2 year warranty for 3500 Euros equivalent?
  3. So when we could buy a brand new M240 for 4000 Euros, we should be stupid to buy it for well over 6000 Euros. @missme: we are definitely missing something. Could you let us know where you got your Leica M240 for 3500 Euros, brand new, unboxed, with a 2 year Leica warranty? Let me not remain stupid!
  4. How and where? Are you talking about a China made Leica replica? Part of the fact that we are paying hose huge Euros is because that the cameras are made in Germany and stands for quality. I would be interested to know more on how you could get a new one for 3500 Euros? I doubt the Leica M would sell for that price even if a new M is on the horizon!
  5. Noope! There is no way to find out what and how many demo cameras they have at the Wetzlar store. You can only call them and check with them!
  6. I remember reading through some posts that the rangefinder could do out of calibration. How do I check for this in the camera while I'm at the Wetzlar store?
  7. That was a good hint! What else should I be looking for?
  8. I will be going to the Wetzlar store this weekend and I was told that they have a total of 3 pieces of M240 in Silver. So what would be the criteria for me to pick one out of the three? I can already see that I will pick the one that has very little scratches on it. What else should I check for? Is there a way to find out the manufacturing date?
  9. I had a chat with the Wetzlar store today as I was looking for buying my M240 demo model and during the conversation, I asked them if there would be a new Leica M announced this Friday and the answer was no!
  10. It is so disheartening to hear this! I'm so sorry for you. I hope that you get your camera and the lens back. Do let us know should you get them back.
  11. No way for me! A 5k camera should be with me for atleast 7 years before anything happens!
  12. I have nevertheless decided to go for the Silver M240 as I guess it might look good with either the Silver or a Black lens. I have a Silver OM-D and a black lens on it looks absolutely gorgeous. Now coming to the lens, I might not have the funds right now to go for the Leica Summilux 35, but I could definitely afford the much cheaper Zeiss ZM 35mm lens. It is sort of limited, but I like the images that I could get with the Zeiss lens on a Leica M body.
  13. I would get back to you should I need any M lenses. As for now, I have decided to get the Zeiss 35mm f2 lens and I will probably stick with only this lens on my M. I have a Olympus OM-D EM5-Mark II already covering up the 24-80 FF equivalent spectrum, so I would not be investing on any other focal length other than the 35mm on my Leica M.
  14. The Leica store at Wetzlar told me that the demo models are sold at a discount of 25% from the original price. Given the hefty price tag of a Leica M, a 25% off looks big! I have made up my mind to visit the Wetzlar store probably next week and get a Silver M240. Hamburg is too far from where I live and I would personally like to visit the store, have a look at the camera, check for wear and tear and then decide.
  15. Perfect! Then I think I would better get it from the Wetzlar store, but the problem is - where to dump my Nikon D3200 and the 105 Macro. The Wetzlar store would not take my DSLR and if I go for used lenses for my M240, then I would need to offer my DSLR on ebay and it would take ages to get them sold off. If not, then I could perhaps sell it to the dealer nearby and go for a new M lens! Let me see what I end up with! But thanks to all the suggestions. It helped me a got!
  16. So should I stay away from the Wetzlar store demo models?
  17. Actually Wetzlar is not far off from where I stay. I drove to the Wetzlar store two weeks ago and they told me that they have a M240 in Silver (a demo model) that would cost somewhere around 4.8k with the standard 2 year Leica warranty. I haven't taken a look at the camera yet, but what is your impression on it? The M240 in Silver offer that I got from the dealer nearby told me that the demo pieces from Leica store Wetzlar could actually have taken some beating as it would have been handled by many visitors during the trade fairs. Should I consider the Wetzlar store than the dealer?
  18. But that silver M240 that I see with the meister-camera does not come with the Leica warranty! It is just a used one that comes with a limited 1 year dealer warranty!
  19. I completely agree with this! My OM-D EM 5 is silver and I have a black 12-40 lens and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Here is a linke to check that, but it is for micro four thirds: http://www.four-thirds.org/en/special/matching.html
  20. Ok! That clarifies. I will check with the dealer and double confirm that it is a Leica warranty. I guess it is, but I will make it sure once again!
  21. Yes, actually that would be my next question. How do I check the serial number against the Leica website? Could you point me to some sources where and how I should look for the serial number on the camera? I would go to the dealer and ask him for the serial number on the silver M240 and perhaps check that against Leica customer care. Is that how I do?
  22. The warranty is the regular Leica warranty and it is applicable from the date I purchase the camera from the dealer. I just had the camera for a brief period in my hand and that too without a lens. Here is what I recognize as the difference between the two bodies when I looked through the VF. The Silver M240 was focussing nearby objects, I mean when I looked through the VF, I was trying to focus on the eye of the subject and I had to get close to the subject to get the eye appear sharp, while with the Black M240, it was the opposite, I had to move farther away from the eye of the subject s
  23. This is my first post on this forum, so kindly excuse for any stupidity! I had been to two Leica dealers nearby and one has a Silver M240 that has actually under 200 clicks and it looks very new. Even the plastic cover protection on the rear LCD is intact. He quotes around 5.5K Euros and he is ready to give me the 500 off on the Leica M 10 year deal. So it comes to about 5k with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase, the Licence for Lightroom 6 and the original packaging. The other dealer has the M240 in Black and he quotes around 4.6K Euros and it has around 2000 clicks. Upo
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