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  1. I've also observed the delete image change ..... after giving the first permission to remove a Single image, every subsequent touch of the delete/trash key removes another image. If I go out of review and then back into review, then I am again given the choice of 'Single' "Multi' etc. Certainly seems different from prior the new Firmware.
  2. The apps say clearly that they support firmware version 3.0
  3. My iPhone and iPad Leica SL apps just updated, too. Perhaps the expected firmware will come out later ...
  4. Bingo! I hadn't checked before ...... mine is an M-Adapter L. Strange that the salesperson called me and described the problem as a fault, but this must explain it :-)
  5. Harry when I ordered my SL plus M-adapter a couple of months ago, my Leica dealer advised me that every copy of their most recent stock order of adapters had been 'faulty' (unspecified as to what the fault had been) and there was a 10 day wait for delivery of new ones. The order came in and I have experienced no issues with the adapter I recieved. Perhaps there are still some recalls and replacements of stock causing the apparent lack of availability in some areas? Ross
  6. Sean Reid at http://www.reidreviews.com/ (subscription site) has published a 'first impressions' piece with images he was able to make during Photokina. He will do a more detailed review when he is in possession of a copy of the lens. Also David Farkas at http://www.reddotforum.com/ has images made around the Leica booth at PK. These are possibly all we'll see until Sean, David, and of course Jono Slack get hold of review copies (hopefully within the next couple of months?) ;-)
  7. That is indeed expensive. I thought AUD10,500 was steep, although our GST is just 10% compared to your 20% so perhaps that explains the higher UK price. Still no deliveries here (of which I am aware), and the local Leica 'Boutique' hasn't been able to confirm a date ... although rumours suggest the end of this week in some markets.
  8. If I eventually get an M9 it will be: One Lens = 35mm Lux Asph (already possess) Two Lenses = 35mm Lux Asph; 90mm Elmarit (hope to add) Three Lenses = 35mm Lux Asph; 90mm Elmarit; 50mm Lux Asph (as an absolute best combo for my usage) I may content myself with the one lens (35mm) for quite a while, and even that depends on whether and when I ever manage to obtain an M9. The longer the waiting lists, the longer to think about all that expenditure , and perhaps revisit the idea of the M8.2 Of course an M8.2 would possibly alter the lens lineup ... (35/75 maybe?)
  9. I was thinking of changing to a 'black' dot
  10. Yetch! I didn't realise the Nine smoked. I'm leaving and going back to the M8.2
  11. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the update! All of it good and encouraging ...... and you're right, those are very handsome and beautiful immigrants (I certainly hope many more see the light and follow the same path to the Antipodes!). They are guaranteed a very warm welcome wherever they decide to settle in Australia Ross
  12. Thanks Andy, this has surely been one of the most enlightening commentaries on the perceived problems surrounding this lens. In my case at least, I have never had the opportunity to use the lens on a digital M (still planning/thinking on the M9). I believe someone may have previously suggested that film could be more 'forgiving' of the focus shift, too? In the circumstances I am unlikely to sacrifice the lens until I have had a good long look at how it handles for me on the M9, and whether or not my usage pattern discloses any obvious problems. Perhaps also I haven't previously
  13. This may have solved a small mystery for me, too. Mine is 38xxxxx and so far has not shown a problem (touch-wood). I think this dates it from around 1997(?) which would be around when I purchased it. I am yet to try it on an M9 though .....
  14. Hi Lone, Well .... not surprised really. I've held off getting on any lists while awaiting payment from my dealer for the sold items ...... by the time I get anywhere on a list it will no doubt be well into next year One thing I guess we all may agree on: whatever the sticker price, Leica must be 'clicking heels' with the success of the M9. A few punters may wander off, but I suspect eventually all the folks who want this model will wait for it, or upgrade when the market opens up a little. As I do not have an M currently, I may have a look at the M8.2 as it will certainly
  15. Hi Rob, Honestly I didn't check the official position regarding cameras and lenses, however my recollection of marching out to Australia Post Clyde to clear and collect equipment would indicate I have been subject to both the Duty and the GST (still a lot better than the bad old days, pre GST). However you are entirely correct about the AP lucky dip. I have once or twice been rather lucky in having valuable items delivered uninspected (but certainly not when brought in by Courier as you so rightly point out) Best wishes, Ross
  16. Hi Geoff, Yes I've noted the trickle-down reduction of the local pricing you previously mentioned. Still a little short of the best NZ deals though (at least through one particular CHC dealer). With the rather cheap airfares available presently, and assuming (in a perfect world) that there is a camera in store (hah!), an overnighter to Christchurch would still have me coming out well ahead. Face value (inc NZ GST) of NZD9900 is barely scraping AUD8000 at today's exchange rate ..... or the alternate and more lazy/conventional online ordering and subsequent assumed Customs Duty and GS
  17. This Christchurch dealer price has been stable since the launch, and perhaps still gives the best deal for Australian purchasers. At present AUD/NZD exchange rates (AUD1.00/NZD1.23), after removal of the NZ GST, and factoring a 'guestimate' NZD150 postage, adding Australian Customs 5% of Cval and 10% GST of VoTI, the final purchase cost is likely to be around AUD8400 (give or take another $100-$200 depending on postage variances, and Credt Card 'rimming' on the official exchange rates). Let's assume ballpark AUD8,500. Looking better than the UK option which I was considering, so it all
  18. Well, I have rarely purchased locally over the past decade. Between B&H and Robert White, a couple of HKG dealers, and even eBay, I have been very well served (and so far no issues with table thumping for after-sales service ..... the one time that required a return was with Robert White, and the situation was swiflty and politely taken care of = excellent service). Presently the Australian price for the M9 (after the suggested recent reduction by $1000) cannot touch the VAT-free export purchase price from the UK. After local import taxes (GST) and air carriage are factored in, th
  19. loksi

    I have M9

    Now we're talking. I am rather more interested in how B&W appears (personal preference), and this looks very good at high ISO. Thanks for all your efforts in getting these samples out
  20. I haven't yet had time to talk with Foto Riesel (my favourite port of call as a rule), and I too was hoping for a bit of magic around the AUD9000 or less. A three thousand dollar saving would be a long way towards an extra lens, wouldn't it? Ross
  21. I certainly hope you are correct in that. I would be searching and bargaining for a sharper deal (even though it is unlikely to happen for a few months in my case). I did see somewhere that an Auckland dealer has it down for around NZD11,000 which would translate into a far more attractive proposition for Australians. We probably need to kick back for a few days or longer and see where it all falls after the 'market' opens. There are a certainly many people who can and will pay the RRP (and I am happy for them) however I cannot pretend to be in such a position
  22. With the price of trans-Pacific airfares at the moment, a quick roundtrip to the US is looking like a good deal (supposing you feel up to rustling the $6995 price there). I too will be taking stock of the Aussie prices (as well as the US ones) for a little moment or three. Ross
  23. The 'special editions' be they Titanium or Safari or whatever are only limited in that less people can afford them. I still prefer the plain old garden-variety black, although I did finger a Titanium for a few minutes. A purely personal opinion (and not wishing to step on corns or cause anyone offence) but for me the Safari DL4 looks a little (gasp) ugly. There, I said it .... and probably Leica just cancelled my 3 year warranty as punishment :-) Ross
  24. Good work Bill! My initial thoughts were the same as yours ..... however as others pointed out, there is significant in-focus detail in the rear of the image (leaves and step). Could there be a problem with autofocus when using this extender? Perhaps it is indeed a manual only option that may still offer some benefits? My monitor seems to indicate a little coolness in the second image ..... is that the colour shift which you perceived? Ross
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