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  1. Hello all, Due to work unfortunately, I will not be able to make it. If something changes, I will let you know as soon as possible. Wishing you all the best and stay healthy, Kamiel
  2. End September/mid October would be a bit easier for me to request free from work. So that definitely works for me. It also seems that September is even better concerning the COVID situation. Right?
  3. The chances to join on this date are good. Not 100% certain due to work, but I think I could arrange it.
  4. Difficult but wise decision Paulus. We will get this organised. I am certain!
  5. Sorry for my very late reply. I’m also very sorry for Paulus he has to go through all the trouble. My company will vaccinate me in June. I would also be in favour of august… Other dates later are fine too of course. Best regards, Kamiel
  6. Hi Andy, It is a very understandable decision. Have you considered a different raw-converter where you can still buy a stand-alone version like for example Capture One Pro? (that is what I did) Regards, Kamiel
  7. Here is an example where the ice started to crack (also taken with the M10-P).
  8. Not anymore. Now it is almost like spring in The Netherlands. However, when the canals were frozen last week, the ice was thick enough to carry a lot of people. Not all the canals though. Some could carry less people as you can see on the second photo.
  9. At the time that I took the photo, the temperature was still below 0. However, at the end of the afternoon the temperature rose and ice started melting indeed...
  10. With the Leica M10-P and 50mm 1.4. Just to show how wonderful the frozen canal in Amsterdam can be.
  11. Hello Peter, You could also consider sending your film-role to this company: https://thefindlab.com . I have read a lot of very good reviews. Best regards
  12. Hi David, It is very good to know that your camera is still under warranty. I just looked it up for you. I paid €521 for the repair. I was however very pleased with the repair because they also did an extra inspection to see if all was in perfect working order. Best regards.
  13. Hi David, Unfortunately I had the exact same issue with my M9 (also with the replaced sensor) in 2019. The higher the ISO the clearer the vertical red line became visible. I had to send it back to Leica. It was repaired and since then the problem did not reappear. Best of luck!
  14. Happy New Year everybody! Sounds very good Paulus. The 12th of June 2021. You can already count me in. Fingers crossed. Kamiel
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