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  1. Hello, been awhile since I posted here but going by the rumors the M11 will be 60 megapixels , so which M lenses would be able to resolve this?
  2. Just curious do you have pictures to back up this claim?
  3. You never know we are the buyers. You don't think we have voice in their decision making process.
  4. I've been wondering where will Leica will go from here on out. I refuse to buy the CL because I was sure they were going to stick with TL design and add a EVF. The CL is ugly to me. I would love a Foven Leica TL3.
  5. I need some answers because I'm not going to pre-order sigma lens if they don't work on the T cameras. It just seems odd no firmware update for them yet.
  6. Thanks I think I should buy the TL2 and get the 35mm. Then later get the macro.
  7. I regret big time selling my Leica t. I have tried the z7,eos r, xt3, and a73 but the tl2 is calling my name. I know a couple of these cameras are better spec but Leica tl2 paired with 35mm tl lens is pretty magical. Should I go with my heart regrading the TL2 or buy a full frame. Sl would be my choice but it's too big of a camera.
  8. I'm more interested in Sigma full frame camera because it will smash all cameras besides Phaseone in image quality. My Sigma sdqh is already better than any Leica camera ever made image quality wise. Now if I get to put Leica S 100mm f2 or Leica 50mm f2 lens on a Sigma sensor I'll be the happiest man alive. Granted I only use my cameras on base iso, always on tripod, and don't care for video.
  9. So in the future can have sigma sensor with leica optics oh what time to be alive. Well Now going to buy leica lens with sigma cameras or pansonic bodies. Now will fully invest into the L mount. Also if possible if I can use S lens on sigma and panasonic bodies too. Yeah Leica has bought them a customer. Will start to sell all my cameras to invest L mount future.
  10. No, its not possible. Olympus om lens can be adapted but not m43 lens.
  11. I knew this going in though. I will not buy the evf because every camera I ever used I used the lcd screen. Sticking with the t and then will get sl in a few months or so no regrets at all but to me if you have the q already just buy the sl if you can afford. Also lcd screen is good enough to manual focus.
  12. Having the T now for a little bit I'll say don't buy. I like it but the cost into the system is way to high for a apsc camera. First if you buy a used T it will cost $500 then add visoflex $575 now a native lens cheapest is $1295. That's about $2400. Now if you want to get all lens for TL apsc there more than $10,000 combine. You can get leica m and a summicron. A gfx with two native lens. To be honest just save up and buy a leica sl and 90-280 and you will be good to go. Sorry for bad grammar.
  13. I have been thinking I was keen on getting TL lens but thought I never use auto-focus ever. I like macro and doing portraits. But never use auto-focus so is I'm better off just buying m glass instead?
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