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  1. Csacwp

    Loose base plate

    3 months old. Baseplate wiggles enough that there is sometimes a sharp edge in front of the leatherette.
  2. Csacwp

    Color Space

    Does color space matter at all with the Monochrom? For example, will I notice any difference between SRGB and Adobe RGB when viewing online or printing?
  3. Csacwp

    Loose base plate

    My M246 arrived today. The baseplate is loose and wiggles back and forth on the toggle side. Is there a way to fix this problem? The magnet is still present.
  4. Csacwp

    12504 hood on 35mm Summaron?

    Excellent, thanks.
  5. Will a vintage 12504 hood fit on a 35mm Summaron f/2.8?
  6. Csacwp

    35mm Summaron 2.8 vs Summicron v4

    Those are beautiful photos. How would the 35mm Summicron Asph compare? Could the files be made to look the same? Tong Long's files look like film.
  7. Csacwp

    35mm Summaron 2.8 vs Summicron v4

    Maybe since I want to do some landscapes I should keep the 35mm Cron Asph... Corner sharpness is much better at f/8 with it, right?
  8. How do these two lenses compare in rendering and resolution stopped down? I'd be using them on an M246. I want maximum sharpness stopped down but dislike the high contrast rendering of the 35mm Summicron Asph I have.
  9. Csacwp

    Help picking lens

    I just ordered an M246. I want to shoot a 35mm lens and really like the rendering of these photos: http://farmbugs.org/gallery/long-exposure-leica-m-246-monochrom/ I have a 35mm Summicron Asph and have heard that it is very high contrast and harsh on the M246. Which 35mm lens would you recommend for sharpness at infinity for landscapes and with more gentle tones/less contrast? Alternatively could I make the Asph work, or is it very prone to blowing high lights on the monochrom?
  10. Csacwp

    Discussion: Essential M-Lenses?

    35mm summicron..... Any version. My favorite is Asph type 1.
  11. Csacwp

    SL primes vs M lenses stopped down

    I'd happily use Otus if they made a 35mm. The 85mm is killer.
  12. Csacwp

    SL primes vs M lenses stopped down

    Faster as in the camera is faster to use. I didn't mean fast lenses. With modern ISO performance nobody really needs anything faster than f/4.
  13. Csacwp

    SL primes vs M lenses stopped down

    Longevity has me concerned. What happens when the stepper motor dies? Since the lens is focus by wire, I wouldn't even be able to manually focus it is the motor died.
  14. I am considering getting back into Leica after some time off. I used to have an SL and loved it, but I only used M and R lenses with it. I love manual focus but these days I also want very fine image quality, especially when stopped down. I'd be interested in a medium format system if they were faster. How do the SL primes compare to M primes stopped down? Is the image quality worth dealing with the larger size and focus by wire?
  15. Csacwp

    Leica SL or Hasselblad X1D

    How do the new SL Summicrons compare with the X1D lenses? How are the skin tones?