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  1. Great camera, obviously the images are indistinguishable from those of any M camera… same lenses etc. but it’s handling is at least as good if not better! a true gem 🌹
  2. With so many excellent used Leica M in the market I seriously doubt any engagement from Leica on this topic.
  3. neopan is no.1 for me and Delta 400 a close second.
  4. M4...a beauty and the smoothest M I ever owned. (M2 is close) 😊
  5. Sunny 16 works. it’s a guideline and unless you really mess up it’s going to give you a good exposure within +- 1 stop. film latitude can handle that easily. sure in some geographies it may be Sunny 22 or Sunny 11 but even with that range you’re going to be worst case a stop off. Now if you read the light wrong then that’s another story 😉 it’s worked well for me on leaf shutter cameras ( Retina and Rolleiflex) as well as M meterless cameras and digital in manual mode. By the way when using ASA 400 film I always use 1/250 and not 1/500 , for sure you’ll be underexposed at 1/500 th. good light andy
  6. just ordered a new M2 serial number 9982XX button rewind. coming tomorrow from a reputable dealer in Hamburg. My first M2 bought from Bill here on the forum works like a dream but I just couldn't resist adding a second one as long as the prices are 'affordable'. They're going up and up so I decided now is the time. Will post over the weekend a portrait of my new beauty 😊
  7. Original black paint. thanks and I have no intent to part with it 🙏
  8. Maybe old but still purring like a cat 🐈‍⬛ enjoy 🍀
  9. Was this mystery ever solved? fascinating thread ... Andy
  10. I couldn’t find one and am not sure there was one... yes the M3 finder is leagues ahead of whatever came later. Best andy
  11. so just to give an update..I replaced baseplate and take up spool with that from my M2.(quick load kit) All perfect and no uneven spacing. A sigh of relief could be heard 100 yards away 😊 best andy
  12. My best decision was buying an M8.2 what feels like and eternity ago. My worst decision was buying an M9P My 2nd best decision was not selling the M8.2 when I bought the M9P 👍 Enjoy this wonderful camera and its unique sensor. Andy
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