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  1. Stunning photographs my friend! Cheers for adding another lens I dont need to my wish list 🤪
  2. It wont, of course as you have told the camera that it is in focus by manually focussing...
  3. Ah, but 1981 was bring your child to work year at Leica....
  4. I used a Novoflex one now. But do be careful as this (said above) is my third Novoflex adapter. The other two had plastic internals and this has all metal. Very weird. Just use the magnification function. I didnt like peaking. Works better on very sharp modern lenses but it isnt perfect. The focus Mag is far better for critical focus than a Rangefinder... But it is slower and arguably not as 'nice'. Very functional though.
  5. I have a Novoflex adapter.... The third one I tried and that works perfectly at infinity now. However the first two M to Z adapters had a plastid middle, this one has metal and its supposedly the same adapter... but it certainly ain't!
  6. The Super Elmar 21mm is far sharper corner to corner than the 21 and 24 Lux, also with better flare control, and barely any distortio. It is also cheaper, smaller, lighter... You can shoot it wide open and get sharp corner to corner images, you cant do that with the lux's. Your call though.
  7. Why do you think you need a Wide Summilux? Also why are you awake so early Or late...
  8. 21mm Super Elmar. 21 and 24 arent as nice as the 28 Lux and are large without purpose I think. If I were you, a 28 Lux is the one to get or if you have to have wider, a 21SE which is the best 21mm Leica offer. The posts before are totally right, F1.4 is a waste in a wide, no longer do you need it for low light as ISO is so good, plus the wide field of view allows you to shoot at slow speeds anyway. And you really dont need shallow DoF with a wide either 😏
  9. Post(erize) an example so we can see it. Sorry that was terrible
  10. This is nice to hear. I think that is something a lot of people overlook. While modern lenses like the APSH or APO or Summarits offer great sharpness, resolution and contrast, with well controlled flare and CA, they do lack character, and it is the character that I personally love. I have lenses for sharp landscapes, but when I want to really enjoy my photography, its the Older lenses that come out, Rigid Summicron, Old 90mm Summicron, or the Contax Zeiss lenses I have. It just becomes more fun to me.
  11. Yes I agree. Best of both. And frankly no creative photograph needs more sharpness than the lux Asph gives you. The APO like the noctilux is really just Leica showing off their skill and engineering ability.
  12. The good thing with the Q, is that is has no major flaws or quirks like an M8 say. So its value, being an enclosed sensor and popular 28mm lens will always be worth something. I think it'll still sell for £1000 in ten years time
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