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  1. Took a long time and a very wet knee before the person came along! M10M, Summilux 75mm, ISO160, 1/1000, F2.0 As always, click in for a better resolution view.
  2. Going dotty M10-R, Summilux 75mm, ISO100, 1/750, F2
  3. The desperate search for a different view of St Paul's Cathedral. M10-R, Summilux 75mm, 1/4000, F4, ISO100. (as ever, click in for a less compressed view)
  4. M10M, Summilux 50mm, 1/500, f1.4. ISO6400 Had the great pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop with Phil Penman in London, this was one of a string of photos I'll pop up here. This was late on the first day on the way back home, near one of the old administrative buildings on the south side of Westminster Bridge. (as always, click in to see the less compressed version of it)
  5. M10M, Summilux 75mm, 1/1500, f2. ISO160. Had the great pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop with Phil Penman in London, this was one of a string of photos I'll pop up here. Was trying to get reflections of people in the gutter in the centre of the shot, then heard this boy running towards me. Somehow managed to a) not fall into the puddle b) get the camera up and focussed quickly enough to follow him for a few frames. This was far and away the better of the shots. (as always, click in to see the less compressed version of it)
  6. I’ve got both of these (the SC version). I love the Color Skopar - its one of my favourite lenses for M. Find it quite low contrast, but the colours and rendering is just very pleasing. It’s perfectly sharp, stop it down to f8 and its stellar sharp. The F2.5 aperture, has never been limiting - low light performance on SL2s wont be a problem. The nokton is a lovely lens, very much a character lens, but I like the bokeh wide open (YMMV) and then stopped down, its contrasty and sharp. The SC version flares a lot (not something I’ve really noticed on the Color S), but I find it looks ni
  7. Whilst I don’t doubt the deal you got, I would be surprised to find a working professional photographer would take sandpaper or a knife to a tool of their trade. Sarah shoots for bafta, London transport, guardian etc, so not just a “Leica Ambassador”… The marks on the bottom are the same as I had on my M10M from simply putting it down on rough surfaces and picking it up again. Similarly the marks around the screen are from something significantly coarser than sandpaper…..sadly I only know this from a painful experience with my M10M that required a hefty rebuild in Germany.
  8. If you subscribe to Reid reviews, he did a comparison of resolution and vignetting between the two lenses. Tl;dr version - they’re two different lenses. The 1.7 relies upon software to correct barrel distortion whereas the 1.4 design is optimised to minimise distortion etc.
  9. Subtle though it is, I seem to recall the viewfinder magnification on the m10 (including the r) is greater than the m9 and m240. So would support the comments about easier focussing.
  10. As a cricket enthusiast and a lover of acoustic guitars, I feel compelled to provide a little nuance to this. Willow for cricket bats. Willow is broadly willow, but the characteristics of grain width change the bat. Similarly consistency of grain. So even in the same tree, there are variances and then from tree to tree, obviously other differences. But as you say, willow is willow and for 99% of cases, no one is the wiser. Same applies for guitars. For the most part, spruce is spruce. But altitude changes characteristics so too does consistency of pattern in the wood. The resona
  11. Wouldn’t we then have been having a conversation about what black paint was best to cover up all that brass?
  12. Yup - Cat only, camera was 2 months old at that stage (and am pretty gentle with most of my cameras!). Cat thinks he's something between a Leopard and a Lion....hard to tell some days. Culprit below (taken with the M10M and 28mm SLX)
  13. Suppose this is as good a time as any to share these from last year. Short version - our cat took my m10m for a run around the garden after getting spooked by our daughter. It somehow caught my camera strap around its neck and yanked it out of my hand (dislocated thumb in the process). 2 laps of the garden, chased by me, with the camera bouncing off paving stone and the side off the house left it looking like this. To the credit of Leica, whilst the screen didn't work, everything else did and I had my very own M10M-D for a little while. Back to Wetzlar for (a lot of) TLC and came back as
  14. Lucky position to having tried all combinations - I find myself coming back to the Summilux pairing for the M10R with the APO 50mm making a more regular appearance on the front of the M10M. That said....there's no bad combination in all of this and it comes back to how you want your photos to render. I'd agree with @Tailwaggerabout the 50mm Summilux on m10r - it really is something else entirely.
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