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  1. From my shooting I’d believe that there is vignetting added. I haven’t seen anything that heavy like that in my images.
  2. One final photo, something a little different but shows a messier background and also a mix of foreground and background layers. Called on my old sports photography skills with this, prefocussed and then hoped for the best. M10R, F1, ISO100, 1/1500 This was around sunset - when you shoot something like this, you also remember how much light it pulls in and the upsides in IQ it gives you (assuming, of course, you can get it in focus!)
  3. There's an earlier post which was non-scientific, but does show them both side by side. Your second question is more nuanced, having used both side by side then if you were looking for a Leica fast 50 that it was most like, then I'd say the 0.95 has more similarities to the VM F1 lens than other Noctilux lenses. That said, you could probably find similarities to the Summilux if you looked hard enough too.
  4. And one more to show a standard portrait. Light fall off behind is rapid, so its a very dark background. I've added vignetting, however it really didn't make much difference. Slightly warmer processing to this one and an expression from the subject which suggests "put that damned lens away". Not quite not as sharp as a Summilux (and a long way off an APO), however I think performance is excellent considering aperture and price and perfectly acceptable for my tastes.
  5. So, two images to start you off. The first one is more of a snapshot, but posting is as it is the only time I've seen something untoward in the rolloff. I've not noticed it in any other photos and in the sequence I shot (whilst follow focussing her walking along) it didn't appear again either. If you look at the side of the bench (at her shoulder height) then you can see it almost duplicate itself. Focus in the first one is spot on the eyes (they're a little dark, so trust me ), in the second one I missed it ever so slightly and if you were pixel peeping, you'd see it on the back eye. Anyway, both of these on the m10r, shot with the Noctilux F1 profile in camera, however in Capture One I applied a generic profile. No added (or removed) vignetting aside from what the profile did, however both of them were then edited to taste.
  6. Lovely set of shots, really do show off what this lens can do.
  7. Not pushing at all - testing a new lens whilst documenting the walking process for grandparents. It’s a win win
  8. I’ve got a few photos that I can post later. My youngest daughter learning to walk at the moment so makes a hard but decent subject. I’ve focussed (!) mostly on using the new lens. Turns out I find comparative tests painfully boring and I don’t have the patience to meticulous recreate the same photo with 2 lenses, so thought just getting some decent photos In different light and surroundings would probably help people get a view of real world performance. I’m finding sharpness is good, perhaps not exactly the same as the noctilux but without pixel peeping it’s there or thereabouts. Vignetting, again, there or thereabouts, they have done a good job here. Falloff and background. Probably doesn’t have the same pop as the noctilux (nor arguably should it on a price comparison basis) but I haven’t tested this properly yet and compared vs some “signature” type noctilux shots I’ve taken in the past. That said, you get decent separation and I like the way it handles transitions. I’ve found one “oddity” which I will talk about later. Can’t really explain it without a photo….so I won’t try to (short version, how it deals with straight lines transitioning away from the plane of focus - I’ve struggled to recreate it since) To the comparison against the Summilux, the pop and subject separation of that wide open beats this hands down - to me it’s the best 50mm lens that leica (or anyone) do, including the apo (I know, I said it out loud!). Should highlight, the photos that have been posted already here do give, I think, an excellent view of what this lens is capable of and reflect what I’ve seen too.
  9. M10R. Noctilux f1. I haven’t played around with optimal profiles yet. Edit: Just went back into the original RAW File and tried the 0.95 as well as the F1 profile. Can't really say either of them make any difference over a generic lens profile.
  10. Lovely, the first one is excellent. The VM lenses really are outstanding too.
  11. I can’t really say I’ve noticed the vignetting to be any better or worse than other fast 50mm lenses I’ve used. Will upload a couple of photos later or tomorrow, but so far: Rendering (if you’re needing to have a comparison to something) is modern - so more like my 0.95. but everyone had different views on this, so usual caveats apply. Sharpness is good wide open at around 1.5 metres. Certainly not into apo or summilux territory, but very good nonetheless. Handling, excellent on the M. Balances really well, it’s quite a short lens and that keeps centre of gravity nearer the body. Whereas I found my noctilux heavy after a whilst walking around with it, I can see me using this far more regularly. So overall, after 48 hours of use, I can’t hugely complain. I’d already decided to sell my noctilux, it’s a big cost for something I was falling out of love with, however the Voigtlander f1 lens has really surprised me and used at the right time and place is I think an excellent addition to a kit. Is it as good as a 0.95 noctilux? Probably not if you conduct detailed technical testing. However for everyday use, I’ve struggled to see the difference between the two of them Photo attached just to show centre sharpness and out of focus areas. Nothing special and no processing on this (aside from a slight saturation bump)
  12. Sorry was trying to type too quickly. One from the 0.95 and another from the VM 50mm F1. Have edited the post to be clearer, good spot!
  13. And 2 side by side shots (with an iPhone, so conscious angles, perspective etc might be slightly out). However width broadly the same on these, however the widening hood on the Voigtlander is noticeable. I didn't look at length but viewfinder blockage as a result of that is actually similar to the longer Noctilux. I'll look properly over next few days. (no comment on messy background please, my wife gives me enough of a hard time for the state of that room!)
  14. Mine has just arrived too. Initial impressions. Very well put together, I think Voigtlander have taken a step up over the last year in their production quality. Focusing ring a little stiff (always find this at first with VM lenses though and they ease up a little) but once moving nicely dampened. Just over 90 degrees throw Hood v nice indeed (finally, at last they include one!) Aperture ring in half stops and really nice tactile clicks. I have to admit, I prefer this over Leica Significantly lighter than the 0.95 and probably better balanced on a M body (personal opinion) With hood, its the same length as the Nocti without hood extended From some very quick test shots (which I won't share as they're of a v messy room) - no obvious issues with focus accuracy, no shift that I could tell. Nice rendering, obvious CA, but testing against the Nocti, that also showed it in the same situations. Stuck in meetings for the rest of the afternoon so I suspect the light will have disappeared by the time I get camera back in hand again, but colour me impressed so far. I've attached 2 photos below for you to look at. Both at close focus distance - the 0.95 Noctilux vs the VM F1. Won't tell you which is which (largely as I can't remember right now) But no processing at all apart from to crop to make them look a little more equal. (just editing this after posting: Please click in, however compression might not be making these look brilliant. I'd say that at full res, its a little harder to tell difference)
  15. I've used it in a couple of different scenarios (cycling off road, walking and scrambling). Its more rugged than you'd think. My previous Q was dropped a couple of times (sorry, Leica Gods, look kindly on me) and stood up to it ok. How I looked after it depended on a few different things. I've moved to the Q2 now (so am a little more relaxed about wet weather than I was before). I used a soft cloth bag to put it in when it was in a backpack. Id then put that in a plastic bag if necessary. On a bike and when scrambling, I have a 3 point harness (mettle speed strap - but Skingrowsback also do one) which ensures the camera flops around less, but is very quick to bring up to your eye. You can also drop it quickly if you need to without worrying about the camera swinging anywhere out of control. In terms of keeping it clean/dry etc - I never really looked after it as such, but Never had any issues. If the weather was crap then normally taking photos wasn't top of my list! Hope that helps.
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