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  1. I missed the part of SL being discontinued.... yes, no firmware updates can be expected ...☹️
  2. Can LENR be turned off with a firmware upgrade? Now that SL2 has this ability, I see that Leica has changed its mindset on this function. And, hope this function will be availble with a new firmware update for SL 🤞
  3. Can you use any GND and ND filters on that lens? Like Nisi ?
  4. I assue one could download SSLens01.plf file and use it as a standalone firmware to update SL lens firmware. Although this file is not necessary for those updating SL 3.6 firmware, it could be used by those who don't want to update SL camera firmware, and by S1/S1R camera owners using SL lenses.
  5. Are you using electronic shutter? Or defaults to electronic shutter because shutter speed is faster than 1/8000?
  6. Maybe you should downsize S1R pics to 6000x4000 and compare to SL while viewing both at 1:1?
  7. This may sound silly, I always carry 2 shower caps to put on the lens and body. I did that in Iceland in Dec too, especially near the waterfalls with wide M lens. Lens cleaning cloth is a must to clean off the water spray. I found few long exposure shots near the waterfalls were blurry due to the spray.
  8. https://www.news24.com/Green/News/poaching-epidemic-may-lead-to-first-hornless-rhino-herd-20160920
  9. My bad, I meant to say purple & blue bands on the sides.
  10. Yes. Thankfully it works fine when I turn off constant preview... which is a great relief, as I don't need constant preview for long exposure and astro photography.
  11. I do hope this issue is fixed asap. Primary reason for me to buy S1R was LENR off option. But the display lag is very irritating. I wonder whether switching off constant preview will get rid of the problem. Let me try. Also, I found the adapted M lenses (with Leica M-SL adapter) did not produce as sharp images on S1R as with SL. Let me check this forum whether others had similar experience.
  12. Focal length of TL18mm would mean a FF equivalent of 27mm on SL and 10MP image size?? Maybe I am mistaken?
  13. Now I know. When I zoom in/out, the display looks like a long exposure image shot while zooming in/out during the exposure. There is a lag no doubt. This happened with my Lumix S Pro 70-200mm lens. My shutter speed was set to 1s.
  14. This works on Lumix S Pro 70-200mm as well.
  15. I have set up S1R for my SL 24-90 mm (don't know whether it would help for SL 90-280mm) as follows: I use AF On for back button focussing. AF delinked from shutter button. AFS selected. This works like MF. I can fine tune focus by moving the focus ring, and the entire viewfinder shows the magnified view of the focus point, once I fine tune with the focus ring. Focus peaking is turned on (red colour selected). I will test this with Lumix S PRO 70-200m to see whether it works the same way.
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