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  1. Wide Angle Requirements Solved: The inexpensive Canon EF 20/2.8 plus Sigma adapter. The rendering is flawless from corner to corner and colors are spot on! Been in production since 1992. Easy on the wallet. Other than poorly fitting lens hood, this gem is perfect. From https://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/lenses/20mm.htm, " little-known feature of the Canon 20 USM is "Intelligent Field Curvature (IFC)," meaning that the surface of best subject focus is not flat, and deliberately curved to fit real ultrawide subjects. The 20/2.8 USM curves its plane of best focus so that objects away from the center are brought into better focus if they are closer to the camera, exactly as subjects do in real life. This means that this lens doesn't test that spectacularly on flat targets (which make boring photos), but in actual use, the 20/2.8's images are much sharper since the plane of best focus is adjusted to focus on objects closer to the lens at the sides, tops and bottoms of the frame. In other words, a sweeping desert floor below you, or objects to your sides, will be in better focus than with a flat-field lens."
  2. We all sing the praises of handling the M -- for me, PERFECT! But now I carry a Q and a SL2-s set up to feel like a M... Upper Dial = Shutter; Aperture almost always on the lens barrel; ISO on easiest Fn button; Exposure Compensation on real Dial. No -review used (Hell, it was perfect win the viewfinder, don't need no stinking' review to chimp!)
  3. When I used Canon gear, the little 20mm f/2.8, not even "L", was my go-to superwide It is the lens never to be sold -- works very well with the Sigma Canon->SL adapter.
  4. Just received my new SL2-s — All my Canon glass works so much better with SL2-s and Sigma MC-21 I am selling my Novoflex EF-SL adapter since the SL’s new owner has no Canon lenses…. Send me an IM
  5. I wish someone would tell me to get the CL to use traveling with M lenses. My Q was all I needed in Italy for three weeks but a 50/2 and 90mm/2.8 would have been nice.
  6. I also use the Sigma 24-70/2.8 as my go-to lens, Sigma 85/1.4 or Summicron-M 90 for portraits, then other M lenses for specific needs. The IQ of the 24-70/2.8 is incredible and clients love the results. Now I see kits with SL-2s, 24-70 Vario, AND Leica M adapter! Buy it !!!
  7. The Pan 24-105/4 is good but the Sigma 24-70/2.8 is phenomenal for IQ etc. I’m selling my Pan
  8. I carry my SL (601) as backup. Shooting a few frames at each location, I can copy the GPS info and paste it into images from non-GPS cameras. I'll never sell the SL... BUT not having GPS at this price point is beyond belief! What possible reason (other than engineering stubbornness or cheapness) could Leica have?
  9. The 24-70 f2.8 (Sigma) delivers 85%+ of my images. They are literally all sale-able images. My bag carries three M lenses (all Summicrons: 28, 50, & 90 — all Mandler magic) The Sigma 85/1.4 DG DN is portrait magic, far better than the little 90 ‘Cron - but too big for casual carry It seems that the majority of the Amazing/Sensational/Artsy images start with my love of slow hands, caution, joy of M glass!
  10. Travel: I always take my Q Light carry not far from home: SL with M lenses Serious travel/hiking: SL with 24-70 Good luck!
  11. Thank you Jono for another well thought out review and unbiased opinions. Sharing this review here is very generous of you. Your new review of the SL2-S on your site is a very good read. I use the Sigma 24-70/2.8 as my normal lens on my SL(601) and I am more than satisfied. As akin, the SL2S/24-70 combo is hard to beat... My question is the nuanced differences between the Sigma and the Leica: Does the Leica version include better weather-proofing? Better coatings? Better warranty?
  12. Sometimes the subject suggests a bit of softness in the image making. Today's lenses are almost too surgical in sharpens whereas our wonderful M lenses give us the "Mandler Magic" we dearly love... So I'll shoot fully stopped down to introduce a bit of softness (diffraction)
  13. I shoot 24meg and remove mouire in post. This frees up drive space while helping my wallet. I’m ordering the SL2-S instead of SL2
  14. I primarily use a SL(601) with all sorts of lenses. Screw mount (M39) lenses work fine on EVF cameras (SL etc ) with cheap adapters. I manually select the lens type for image correction, especially wide angle vignettes.
  15. Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 could have been my only lens -- it is my workhorse! Incredible rendering and detail! I spent a month in Italy with my Q1 and loved every moment. Used my legs for zooming. Also a lot of cropping I post.
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