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  1. The reasonable decision would be to sell your film MP. The wise (maybe) decision is to keep it. 10-15 years ago, I used to have only digital cameras until I entered film photography through an MP and an M-A. Since then I shot, develop and scan film enjoying the process in every step. You can keep the MP for BW film and use the M10 for all the rest. (or you can always sell the MP and use the money for something else).
  2. looking forward to ordering one 35mm SC for film use. Maybe in few days they will be available in Europe (Germany)?..
  3. I wish I knew how this grip is called..
  4. I am also a fresh owner of this lens. Used it exclusively during a trip in Vienna few weeks ago. Excellent lens for street photography during daytime. Easy to carry around and by applying zone focusing provides an engaging to the subject, shooting experience. Is it sharp? I am not quite sure but I am not very interested to analyse that either. I look for images, with proper focus, composition and the story or atmosphere behind them. I would not be surprised if my smartphone produces sharper & clinical images. But again, for the sake of joy, I would always choose to drive a car havin
  5. Great camera indeed. I use it all the time. Made me a better photographer (sounds kind of cheesy but is absolutely true). No need for light meter anymore.. Prior to the M-A, I was the type of user who looked for the exposure dot in the centre or even worse (Auto mode in DSLR..). Not anymore. In addition, M-A is the reason I only shoot film for pleasure. My digital ''camera'' is a 3-year old smartphone :-)
  6. Thank you very much for the replies! Much appreciated:-) Hopefully the aperture ring tightening is an easy adjustment from Leica. This will make a great lens (performance-wise) even greater (handling).
  7. Hello everyone. I could compare the standard Lux with the black chrome edition. Both very fine lenses and the black chrome has a unique design and appeal for sure. However I noticed on the black chrome the aperture ring is kind of noisy and extremely easy to move. Is this a standard specification of the limited edition?
  8. Well done, great choice. I am on the same boat. For scanning 35mm film I recommend the Plustek 8200. Seems to be a very good product. Have fun with the M-A. It is great!
  9. My black chrome M-A is 4914xxx and my silver 4916xxx Both having lots of usage :-)
  10. Congrats! You will love this camera. Happy shooting!
  11. Good question. I am also confused cause I am sure the base plates from both M-A and MP are the same.
  12. +1. I would consider that as well. A fully black paint M-A with minimal (or no) branding at all, would have been a nice given option. Instead, I use the currently offered black chrome M-A. No complaints with this option. In fact, I use this camera more regularly than my black paint or silver ones.
  13. Hi everyone, I am a long-time reader here and I have never posted so I thought that is time to write and contribute as well. Long story short, the M-A is the reason why I have been putting photography theory into creative practice and that is why I love this camera. Other than following the sunny 16 rule, I use few light meter apps as well and so far almost all my exposures are correct (B&W and C41). And yes, I admit: I also thought I did not need an M-A a year ago . Then I understood that having a fresh produced Leica with an almost obsolete technology is a crazy idea and
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