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  1. Hui, hier wird ja viel diskutiert, ob das jetzt eine coole Aktion sei oder nicht - mein Händler hat mir 5% Discount angeboten. Dazu noch der Adapter, den ich im Grunde für meine Art der Arbeit brauche (nur M-Objektive am Start) war das jetzt die perfekte Aktion! Bin gerade super happy mit der SL2-S und freue mich, im Verhältnis zur UVP 5.000 EUR knapp 700 EUR gespart zu haben - jetzt kann man das madig reden, weil der Adapter in der Produktion nur ein paar EUROnen kostet, aber phew! Es ist und bleibt Leica. Ich sehe das wie @Farbenkreis: für mich ist das eine tolle Aktion und für mich pas
  2. Ah nice, found it: https://charger.nitecore.com/product/ulsl
  3. Couldn't be more hyped right now! Any other information on that goodie? Thanks!
  4. Does any one have a solution for charging the Leica SL Battery (BC-SCL 4) with 12-volt only? I couldn't find one and started thinking about a potential inverter for our van.
  5. I tended to use the classic presets from Andre Duhme (https://theclassicpresets.com/) but currently I am mainly using Capture One with some official styles as mentioned above. What I am using as a starting point on a regular basis is to directly select Base Characteristics -> Curve: Linear Response. This kind of removes some of the harsh contrast of modern lenses - at least a bit and I like that. Most of the images referenced are edited with the Latitude - Sunbound Styles, e.g. SB-01 - Serengeti. Then I usually add some minor colour / curve adjustments, maybe vignetting, bit of grain. That'
  6. Oh sorry! Have missed your post! Thank you very much for your kind words! I am using mainly Capture One with some official styles. These styles form the basic look of my photographs and then I'm trying to finetune a bit.
  7. I just added a few of these BTS Shots to my Dropbox, I could cry every time I see the results here in the forum. I don't mind my images being downscaled but they are just not sharp at all, anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1cyvmdwjl3iodxb/AADO4nhV5qdvEnLvFijC33FCa?dl=0.
  8. Ouch, gut zu wissen! Ich habe mich da recht blind drauf verlassen...Drecksäcke gibt's halt einfach hinter jeder Ecke 😕
  9. So schlimm liest sich das für mich jetzt hier nicht. Ich verlange im Übrigen immer ein Foto des Personalausweises vorab, egal ob Versand oder persönliche Übergabe. Sind ja auch gutgemeinte Tipps für die Zukunft. Lieber @elmars das tut mir sehr leid! Ich wollte tatsächlich gestern schreiben, habe es dann aber auf heute vertagt, da ich das Angebot sehr interessant fand. Ganz viel Glück, dass die Versicherung zahlt und du den Täter noch schnappst!
  10. I had some time to think about the decision and even read some sophisticated summaries from reidreviews! I came to the conclusion that @Steven is about right: the Lux 50 matches perfectly what I want, even leaving money aside. So the 2nd lens will be the Lux 50! Thanks for all the feedback and little brainstorming
  11. ❤️ I am very glad that I get so much input here in this forum. @Steven definitely got a point here regarding the Lux. Somehow I lust for the Noctilux 1.2 but I really think, scrolling through my instagram, that the dreamy special look may not be the desired lens. Yeah I am really happy with the 28 Lux! Having a lot of lenses is somehow satisfying and gives me more than money in stocks or some nifty expensive car. Nonetheless, having to decide which gem to take with me - and I really don't have that much spare time to release the shutter on my M - is somewhat mentally exhausti
  12. I am very curious how the new Noctilux 1.2 will elevate your photography! Reading all the friendly and helpful recommendations, I am with you all that I may need two 50mm lenses.
  13. Thanks for sharing your impressions with these lenses! You asked a very good question which I am not able to answer to the fullest! The main reason for selling the Lux 50 and buying the APO 50 was a very good price deal. I think I should be honest with that one: it was a good deal and the lust for having the perfect Leica gem (that's what my brain told me to do). The main reason for selling the APO 50 was relatively simple: I collected a lot of lenses over the past years and felt like that I only would need one lens to rule them all, i.e. the Lux 28. So here I am, with only one lens and q
  14. That's a nifty question: uff, I am gravitating towards portrait and abstract photography but also like landscape / travel photography (basically what I posted on my Instagram lately). For the former one I am reworking my homepage but this will still take a lot of work. If I would pick one genre for the lens I would say: portraiture!
  15. I am still a bit undecided between the APO 50 and the Lux 50. Nonetheless, I guess the Noctilux 1.2 is not the right choice to find a solid partner for the Lux 28. I kind of tending towards the Lux 50 as I think it has at least some character whereas the APO 50 is a bit unromantic. Difficult choice, especially with a potential upcoming Lux-APO 50 (leicarumors). Thanks for the replies so far!
  16. A few shots from Corse, 2020. All wide-open, no crop.
  17. Ooohhh, thank you so very much To be honest, it is also my favourite image! We had such a tremendous hike...we thought that the trail would be rather easy to tackle...but in the end, it turned out to be an enormously exhausting task! I don't really fall in love with lenses but the Lux 28 is just such a gem. For me, it really is capable of enabling photographers to capture a real photograph.
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