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  1. That one is spot on! Couldn't agree more!
  2. I mean they most certainly do some sort of magic in the firmware. Normally you cannot (at least to my knowledge) easily reduce a raw image with pixel binning (like 4:1). So what I also wonder, whether we have some sort of advantage to use the smaller DNGs or if it actually makes no difference to during post-processing (like picking the 60MP DNG and resize the image later on).
  3. Band shooting, Noctilux 50 / 1.2 @ 1.2
  4. Band shooting, Noctilux 50 / 1.2 @ 1.2
  5. Band shooting, Noctilux 50 / 1.2 @ 1.2
  6. It should be about right! My Summilux 50 can also focus a bit closer than the APO Summicron 50, not by far but it's a little below 0.7m. I can confirm that the Summicron 35 focuses closer than the Summilux 35 to about 0.65m (I guess it's even a tiny little bit more). Small remark (I edited the post): funny, cause I did a concrete comparison between Lux 35 and Cron 35 about two years ago as I had the feeling that the bokeh is about the same or even a tiny little bit better on the Cron 35 at the minimal focus distance which then led to a small experiment at home...with the outcome that the more blurry background is due to the closer focus.
  7. I am glad that the topic was cleared by some Leica employment in the tech talk, @SrMi has a nice summary on that in this thread: Hence I will conclude from my humble perspective: I was right about a decrease in the shutter lag but I highly believe that I won't realise that 0,10s of an additional shutter lag. Still have to decide whether the M11 is a buy or not, but I really think that this is acceptable. In that talk they also stated that the M is about the rangefinder and the development of such is going to continue which sounded to me very trustable and promising! With all the other improvements due to having more room as the old metering is gone also benefits the M11. I have to say sorry for being wrong and a bit disappointed in the beginning to @elmars. But that tech talk at least regarding my uncertainties was helpful.
  8. World keeps spinning Hopefully after COVID everybody gets his rhythm back, with an M10x or an M11! As mentioned in some other threads, I'll wait for the M11P. Needless to say that I would even pay an additional $1k just to get back the old metering. I'm very good in spot metering with the RF, nothing more easy, focus, half-press the shutter, recompose, click. That's so fast! For all the highlights I just decreased the overall exposure compensation to -1/3 EV (at the M10R, for the M10P I used -1 EV). But again, looking at the bigger picture, the new implemented way of metering makes sense in folks using more and more the EVF and for a better exposure overall. I was a bit reluctant in the beginning of these discussions (and some bits of me still are) but I also have to accept that most people are happy with the way the M11 works. In all of these discussions, only a small portion is against the new shutter / metering (at least how I perceived it). Concluding in: Leica did a good job.
  9. I can feel the heat literally. And I can understand it. Still, you are wrong. It should matter. The M is about essence of photography and passion. For me, it is more about that this additional step takes some time and I truly believe with that improved shutter, the M would be even faster if Leica could remove that step. With the new metering you cannot bring back the old M and we have to life with that. I still think it’s odd and I won’t buy the M11. Leica won’t give a damn about my $9k. But as a lot of people already pointed out - and the more I think about it the more I tend towards „they are right to some degree or another“ - it’s a change most Leica photographers will be thankful for (especially the new metering). They won’t even notice the new shutter.
  10. Haha there is some truth in your example I already stated that it’s much better than M10R with LV mode, so it’s potentially more a minor decrease in how the perfect solutions looks like (IMHO).
  11. The point here is that people are discussing whether 17ms (I'm just quoting - I would need to test that myself) or similar is something one would notice - or which count when taking pictures. That does not matter at all. Even if your opinion is that no one could ever notice. The only fact that also other folks recognised is - and I am happy about that because I hope Leica is listening: there is a setback! And in addition to that, a lot of question marks were raised why that change was executed in that way (we also provided potential firmware fixes like having us set everything on manual without any metering). That is something Leica should have had considered. It's not a $900 Fuji (and about selling tons of these cameras): it's a high end premium and overall flagship camera (from my perspective). They took some of the soul from the RF away. I don't care whether other DSLMs work that way. These are mainly fanboy comments. If you won't criticise a thing: okay good. But some people do care. I mean, what would be your opinion if the LCD backscreen would have a screen resolution decrease - or if they would have changed the way the RF is working (because something else could be slightly better) and set it to minimum focus distance to 0.8m? Small edit: Maybe some of us are wrong (myself included) and Leica shouldn't listen to us because the rest is happy. Maybe they should - in the future - don't try to improve the RF mechanism but rely solely on an included EVF (like some Leica Q with an M mount). At the end, it's about sales.
  12. I used the shutter sound from the video so it is not 100% perfect. First, M11 shutter, then M10-R shutter, then M10-R LV shutter (all 1/250). shutter.mp3
  13. For everybody who thinks that all the reviewers are now the golden standard for an opinion - and I believe this thread here contains a lot of eligible worries, @elmars created a lovely shutter video at 1/4000 - thanks for that. You can easily compare it on your own (not the actual user experience but you can estimate whether this will influence you in a good or a bad way). Just get your M camera and play around with that. I also have to add that one post mentioned that only a few flagship cameras are below some given startup time (sorry, too many postings to review again), I believe 1.5 seconds were quoted. I don't care if that is true. The super expensive M11 camera should have implemented the essence of photography, a landmark of Leica, a pure german engineering thing. Leica ever concentrated on form follows function and bringing the best stuff together. They should deliver a hell of a startup time! And if you are comparing some things or another with an M10 (released in 2017) and the M10P (released in 2018) - that means 4 to 5 years of technical innovations or german awesome engineering power. You shouldn't refer to these devices as, yeah well, it's basically as good as that. I get that most people seem to just don't care about that. That's okay, but then I dislike the marketing slogans like essence of photography or the decisive moment. It's a stupid RF camera for a reason. And yeah, that's my x-th post about that with tons of emotions in it, and I'm loving that I'm raging a bit about that. That's passion! I don't buy an M camera for doing just normal photos - I don't want anything else to be an extension of myself and to travel the world with me. I am actually using these cameras on a regular basis and these are my only cameras. So yeah, I do care! And I was in full anticipation mode for the release and it broke my heart (multiple times in a row).
  14. It sounds nearly identical to my M10R in LV mode. The M11 has a slightly higher pitch which I guess comes from speed. So I believe it is a bit faster in LV mode. It does not sound as awkward as my M10R in LV mode - I have to admit that. It's still ugly and 100% not as fast as in a pure RF mode. I prefer the snappier version. In comparison with my M10R in RF mode, it is slower (from the sound). So I believe, if you press the shutter and leave the finger there, the burst mode could be solved in a clever way (technically) - no speed is lost there. But the M10R should be faster if single clicking the release button twice in a row fast - I tend to use my camera sometimes in that manner. Does that matter? I doubt it. But copy that, I don't have to life with that, I can just not buy the camera.
  15. That would certainly be good! The truth is, although I like your review and appreciate the work of all the other reviewers! I still don't trust your gut feelings in terms of whether this is something which disturbs me - or not. And I am not willing to pay that many bucks for a camera which I may dislike by a large scale. And that alone leads to a very bad customer journey for me. Leica didn't touch that point at all in their videos. From the videos I saw, also like turning on/off the camera, I am very confident that all my fears remain to be true. Especially after knowing that they didn't change the shutter - sure you can fine-tune some parts with software! The M camera is not about the absolute perfection when nailing a shot (other cameras or manufacturers can also deliver), it's about the feeling, passion...my M is an extension of myself. I want to be happy, not 80%, 100%. And it doesn't bother me when changing the battery for instance, but when I am using the camera. I only shoot RF, I barely use LV. Leica is very good in some german engineering way to bring a top-notch user experience. They should remain these bits like also an option to turn off the touch screen in the menu (dunno if that was introduced in the meantime). Maybe I am just angry that I had lots of anticipation for that camera, was stunned by the new sensor tech, thrilled to order the camera and...!
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