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  1. I notice B&H have one secondhand for sale... perhaps your friend didn't enjoy it 🙂
  2. A while back I came to the conclusion that my heirs would not be too pleased in dealing with my 100,000+ (and growing) Lightroom archive. So, in addition to this I print out images I consider worthy. These started off being stored in archival sleeves in archival boxes from Secol. Surprisingly easy to flip through these prints. I have now bought some beautiful 19th Century Oak plan chests which store my large format prints (again in sleeves). These are actually very nice pieces are furniture but are not cheap. Industrial ones can be found much cheaper on eBay. My wo
  3. “How the beepity beep beep are we going to get our wagons across that!!?”
  4. At the summit of W. Racquet Club Road, Palm Springs, Calif. March 2009 Kodachrome 64 | Nikon F5 35/2.0 AF-D | Coolscan 9000 | Vuescan Nothing special other than my first scanning of K64 with Vuescan.
  5. Algodones Dunes, Calif. March 2011 Nikon F5 | Agfa Scala 200X | Nikon Coolscan 9000 | Vuescan Another from the five rolls exposed in 2011, processed recently. Lens unknown.Just a little dust removal in LR.
  6. If it’s as good as they claim, Netflix et al could save many billions by streaming low resolution and up scaling at the display device.
  7. Great shot. Used to love these until we moved into the countryside. They are taking over my lawns! Also, we’re at least a week behind you in terms of blossoming.
  8. Just got five rolls of Agfa Scala 200x back from Silverpan in the UK. Exposed in 2011 or before and stored in my beer fridge until a few weeks ago (yes - 9 years plus in the fridge). Fridge running at 3 Celsius, film stored in the original plastic canisters. Results are perfect. Recommend the lab. Website suggest they are processing now, just not shipping the developed film back.
  9. Just scanned my first roll (of five back from the lab) Agfa Scala 200x. Exposed in 2011 at ISO 200, processed 2020 (refrigerated in the meanwhile) by Silverpan in the UK (big shout out for this lab - I am very impressed with the range of film processing options and the quality of the results, surpassing my experiences with the big pro London labs). I love this film and I am now excited to expose my remaining rolls. After some trials with the Coolscan 9000 / Vuescan I settled on scanning as a B&W negative and inverting in PS. Slightly more grain than scanning in slide mode but the imag
  10. Yes, my (limited) records do suggest Glacier Point. As I recall, we left Yosemite At Camp Curry en route to Death Valley and made a detour up to there before heading over to Death Valley via the 120 and Mono Lake cheers.
  11. Thanks. Sorry, I'm not even sure which lens I used, let alone the aperture!
  12. Same shot (I cropped out a distraction to the right hand side of the original 35mm landscape orientation photograph) using Nikon F5. Lens unknown, possibly AF 35/2.0 or AF-S 28-70/2.8 Nikon F5 | Kodak TMAX400 | Coolscan 9000
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