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  1. I use a Khaki Billingham Eventer bag for my SL2. Hold what I need and prevents me from adding too much. lol
  2. Beautiful photo! I also use a 35mm SL APO, it is a wonderful lens.
  3. Did you all turn off the bluetooth on the camera? That solved the issue for me.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried several different diopters and was very frustrated with it all. I did use the visoflex, which helped immensely, but for me it was not the experience I wanted. The SL2 fits my workflow needs perfectly.
  5. 100% agree. I use bifocals and I'm able to see clearly when using the viewfinder on my SL2. I had a helluva time focusing my M10 rangefinder because of my astigmatism, but with the SL2, it's perfect. One of the lenses I use is the 135mm APO M and it was a bear to focus on the M10, but it is just another manual lens on the SL2.. So cool! I love this camera!
  6. Sorry, the only useful thing i have to say is wow! Great photo!
  7. Here, I am using the 135mm APO-Tele with my SL2, I love this lens and camera combination. That's my boy, Finn.
  8. I know this is the M forum, but is it ok to post a photo taken with an SL2 with a 50mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4?
  9. I spoke with a Leica USA rep (John K.) about this issue and we worked out the specifics and he was able to duplicate all of my findings. He will report the issues to Leica Germany and I will report back when the response on whether it is a known issue or a new one. Mostly relieved it is not specific to my individual camera.
  10. no, it did not. The fix was removing auto preview when the level gauge is turned on in the profile. I reset the camera to narrow down the possibilities and have a clean testing base. Edit - I just realized there is one step I left out. I'm using 3 second review (although it also happens with 1, 3 and 5 seconds) the last step is to press the joystick to get magnification. I have the front, top rocker switch also set to magnification and when I press it when the photo is in auto preview the screen goes crazy, but the focus assist keeps working in the next shot. lol Computers in all sizes and configurations are so much fun... even ones with lenses...
  11. no, it did not. The fix was removing auto review when the level gauge is turned on in the profile. I reset the camera to narrow down the possibilities and have a clean testing base. 40+ years in QA...
  12. looks like I might have identified the issue. when I have auto review on and the level gauge on and saved in a profile the focus peaking stops after 2 shots. When I turn off auto review the focus peaking works correctly. I reset the camera and started from scratch to attempt to identify the root cause and this seems to be it. Where do i report software bugs to Leica?
  13. Is enhanced live view an SL2-s firmware upgrade? I have an SL2
  14. Enhanced live view? I checked and don’t see it in the menu settings. Where it is located?
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