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  1. Wish you were here... M10M , no filters, overcast, 7 pm West Village, NYC
  2. Vivian of Yale and Sidney of Amherst College. Dear friends visiting NYC. M10M, street photo, overcast, no filters, 7 pm.
  3. M10M, West Village, NYC, When one looks like a model...? No filters, 7 pm, overcast
  4. M10M, A graphic artist, West Village, NYC, no filters, 7.30 pm
  5. M10M, West Village, NYC, Sunset, no filters
  6. M10M, West Village, NYC, Apr 25, no filters, 6.40 p.m
  7. M10M, West Village, NYC, Apr 25, no filters, 6.40 p.m
  8. M10M, A princess in the city....West Village, NYC, Apr 25, no filters, 6.40 p.m.
  9. M10M, NYC, West Village, 6 p.m., no filters, street walk
  10. It's NYC nowadays... back to 1960s? Pot smoking on the street, cops instructed do nothing about it. Waiting for yet another sexual revolution?))))
  11. M10M. A fashion statement, NYC, West Village, 6 p.m., no filters
  12. She's wearing a denim jacket branded as "Mickey Mouse"...))) And Mickey Mouse she is: smoking pot, dancing and breaking all the rules... Although you can now smoke pot on the street of NYC. No penalty whatsoever. Not even a warning)))
  13. M10M, April 4, New York City, 6 p.m., no filters, street photo. Mickey-mouse girl.
  14. No filter, no preplanning. Just walking around in the W. Village and random shot...
  15. A family member... named Khaleesi
  16. My Monochrom 246 started producing faulty images. When I keep camera horizontally in about 40-50% cases I have underexposed area on the bottom. When I point camera down it's not the case. When I point camera up (20-45 degrees) it's happens almost in every case. (see the photo attached, pointed up at about 45 degree angle). What's that? Shutter needs to be repaired/replaced? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  17. Why Leica does such a poor marketing job? No sample images on the major M camera release? Except couple tiny pics which cannot be viewed full screen or downloaded? Who they think they are? Don't care about our customers? Our brand need not to advertise itself? Shame....
  18. I had the same problem as the original complain. I am taking it to Leica NJ this week.
  19. Just to demonstrate my point here is a Noctilux 75 mm sample. I focused on the tip of the nose, and the left eye was already off... )))
  20. Anyone has an example of how to express yourself using a micrometer...? Having sharp focus area width of just 50 mm to convey one's objective...? Not a trivial task... imho ))))
  21. Since Nocti 75 mm has such a thin DoF it limits one's choices of picking up more freely a scene, a distance to the subject, a shooting angle. More narrow area in focus means you have a fewer choices to express the essence of your work. Forced to do more with less. It is a challenge... Is it not?
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