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  1. Hmmm.. I got some pronounced vignetting at 4:3 on both the Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 and the Leica R 90mm, the latter going black in the corners, both of which this spreadsheet indicates as green.
  2. I don't know why so many people get bent out of shape about middle-aged, amatuer, men buying Leica and only use it to photograph family, friends and holidays. (Not saying this to you decision 99; just adding it this to this element of the conversation in this thread.) Sure, you could get a camera for a lot less and still take awesome photos. But also no-one needs a $20k Harley Davidson for weekends, or a boat for two weeks in the summer, or a jetski, or a cabin in the woods, or a 4x4 that never leaves the road, etc etc. None of them would be the product of a rational value for money calc
  3. Well I am glad to read that I am not the only one experiencing this issue after asking on the SL2 Facebook group and getting nothing back. But I am not happy that there appears to be nothing to do to prevent it or fix it. I’m baffled by some people’s willingness to just accept it... from a $6000 state of the art camera? Loss of focus just as I am making final composition and timing decisions. It’s infuriating me.
  4. This guy's take on the AF is quite different to DPreview's, even though they were all at Wetzlar at the same time with the same beta-firmware cameras...
  5. Seems like there is a 10% import duty added the price, before any state taxes are applied in store. Beware gauging at the airport if you are considering buying in the EU and getting a refund. The agents will take a big fat fee off your refund. They also have a minimum fee, so if you are not careful the refund agent gets more out of the refund than you do. (Although that seems unlikely in the case of the SL2.)
  6. There seems to be a lot of vignetting in many of your images. Is that a product of the lens or LR filters?
  7. That does like a sweet combo. But it doesn’t help my ‘either/or’ quandary, or my credit card, when you show me a ‘both’ answer... 😂 But thanks; good to read your ringing endorsement of the CL after enjoying it in the store but reading mixed reviews online.
  8. Why don’t you consider the CL to be in the same league? Still 24mp. Still Leica. Does the APS-C sensor make it significantly poorer IQ?
  9. I have been waiting a long time for the Summicron SL 35mm to be available, but now it is here I am not sure it is such a good buy. For almost the same amount of money I could get the Q2, switch it to 35mm frame lines, get 30mp and have a second state-of-the-art camera attached to the lens, wi a couple of additional focal length options. It would allow keeping the zoom or my SL75mm on the SL and being able to swap easily between them on the fly (for travel and street photography mostly). Or, I could save some weight and $1000 and get the CL with 23mm street kit, still have 24mp and 35mm equival
  10. o I'm tempted, but I fear that I'd get something that people have despaired over and dumped. Ffordes in Scotland have quite a wide selection but the prevalence of the statement 'sensor replaced by Leica' worries me. How often and frequently will that need to happen? Without warranty it could get ugly real fast...
  11. Wow! Those samples are incredible. I'm gonna get me one! Well, I would do if I had any use for those focal lengths.
  12. I will be surprised if there is ever an S 008. My money is on an SL with over 36mp by the end of the year. Nikon have proved you can get almost 50mp in a FF/35mm sensor. With 3 native SL zooms and 5 primes available by then, each with much faster and quieter AF, the SL ecosystem will be ready for full pro use (albeit without native macro; maybe that will come in 2019). Leica will then be ready to phase out the S and all the weight, cost, and recent reliability issues that have dogged it, just as they moved on from the R line when the cost/benefits of the alternatives made it obsolete or very
  13. Thanks for sharing this Norbert. Your sample images are much more useful than the official postings from Leica. They really show off the exceptional quality of the Leica glass. After waiting 18 months for this release I wasn't yet convinced by the Leica marketing materials. But reading your review gave me enough confidence to pre-order it today. The SL 50mm was too heavy and slow for me, even though the IQ was amazing. Besides, I'm happier with the short telephoto for my images, especially portraits and street photos where I can keep a bit more distance. Only one more month to wait. I
  14. Any more news and rumours out there? When will it be available and how much is it likely to cost? Given the apparent difficulty of meeting demand for the SL 50mm (and the M10) I'm wondering if Leica have the capacity to meet their roadmap or timeline of lenses in people's hands. I keep putting off buying the Summicron-M 75mm in case the SL version is reasonably priced and/or has any significant advantages (other then the obvious AF). Is it going to be worth the wait...?
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