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  1. Would you share the brand?
  2. Thanks for this! Just insured my Q2 (bought yesterday) with them. It seems the conditions of their coverage are excellent, and it's reasonably priced.
  3. Unfortunately, you do have to press the little button. It's the only ergonomic mistake Leica made with this camera. The little button hard to operate.
  4. I prefer it the way it is now. It seems to me many people don't get the reasoning behind the 'digital zoom' (a very silly name, 'in camera crop' would have been better). The idea really is that the frame lines make you take enough distance from the scene to avoid distortion. You could fill the frame with a person's head, for a head shot, but it probably wouldn't look good. Switch to 50mm crop and compose inside the virtual frame: no distortion. And composing is much easier if you can see beyond the edges of the frame. For street photography, I'd use the 35mm crop, precisely for that reason. Yo
  5. The guy is a 'scientologist'. It seems that Overgaard is emulating his cult's strategy of selling largely meaningless and inflated information at astoundingly high prices. Those Leica users who are not actually photographers, but members of the Leica cult, are probably going to fall for this. Cultists gonna cult.
  6. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable response! As a principled individual, I can only admit that you're making some good points here. I will have to look into film plus scanner workflows again. Having said that, a 100 percent analogue workflow leaves room for a wabi sabi quality that digital or partly digital workflows often lack — by which I mean that, not being an expert printer by any stretch of the imagination, what would be, for me, a perfect final result is to some extent a technical failure, but it's the imperfections that render it perfecter, so to speak, than it would have been withou
  7. That will surely be true for other people, but I use a dedicated (communal) darkroom. This is good because no-one needs to dry their hair there, but bad because I have to travel to go there, and make a reservation days in advance...
  8. Very interesting, I really appreciate this!
  9. Do you have such a companion set available? I mean the same analog photograph handled 100% analog vs. using a scanner? That would be interesting to me.
  10. I should perhaps have explained: I like the film images to be fully analog. I never scan my negatives or even my darkroom prints.
  11. A year or so ago I realised that this is, in fact, the look I was trying to create through my digital workflow (Leica X Vario, Raw Photo Processor, darktable) — except for the subject matter, that is (I shoot tied up girls, mostly, which is why I won't add an image to this thread). I think I sometimes managed to approach this look, but why not go for the real thing? I bought an M4 in very good condition, with a somewhat blurry collapsible 50mm, added a 40mm Summicron-C and a 90mm Elmarit, and began using both digital and film during shoots, and I learned to print in the darkroom. Overall, I am
  12. I have had no trouble at all navigating my extensive image library after leaving Lightroom behind for darktable.
  13. Forget both Lightroom and Photoshop. Use darktable instead: it's free, and just as good.
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