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  1. Why the 'or'? I often use Auto ISO with exposure compensation. And aperture priority, and spot metering plus spot focusing, and Ansel Adams' Zone system. Like this: I focus on a precise spot, say a white skinned model's face, and make sure my exposure compensation is 0 or +0.6 if she's very pale (or I want to make her appear very pale). If she has a dark skin, I'll underexpose. If I want to photograph a polar bear, I'll overexpose, and so on. It takes a bit of practice, and the it works very well.
  2. That's very subtle! Testing here, too. In any case, I am impressed once again by the monochrome JPEGs this camera produces.
  3. I would be interested to hear first impressions of the new iDR feature. The Highlight Metering seems useful only when shooting RAW (which I do 99 percent of the time), but the iDF might make shooting JPEG more feasible in some setups. First results are encouraging.
  4. I don’t know if I’m the only one, and that seems like a strange question, frankly, but having no computer with me while traveling, I simply launched the Leica app, found the update there, and installed it.
  5. Successfully updated my Q2 to 4.0 using the Leica Fotos iPhone app, but lost my settings that way (there is no way to save them if you forget to put them on an sd card first). New features work well at first sight. I am still finding out when to use them. I was hoping to see the keystone feature on the Q2, but no luck there. But very glad Leica is providing new functionality this way.
  6. Thanks for this! Just insured my Q2 (bought yesterday) with them. It seems the conditions of their coverage are excellent, and it's reasonably priced.
  7. Unfortunately, you do have to press the little button. It's the only ergonomic mistake Leica made with this camera. The little button hard to operate.
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