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  1. Regular version with built-in lens hood is available in black anodized or silver chrome finish. The "limited" version is black chrome and takes E43 filters (instead of E46), but if you use a filter on this one, you cannot attach the clip-on lens hood. No problems with filters on the regular version!
  2. Welcome to the LF. As long as this has not been changed from factory settings, the FN button is used to cycle through the different "screens".
  3. Maybe the weight is similar, but V3 has E49 and protrudes much further into the viewfinder, especially when used with the lens hood. V4 is E46 and is shorter, but I do not have both lenses to compare them side by side.
  4. V1 and V2 look very similar with their "hour-glass" shape and the long protruding rear element on V1 (V1 is a collector's item nowadays). V3 is very bulky, has E49 filter and two little metal fittings at the front to take the lens hood. With V4 they changed to E46 filter, the lens is considerably smaller than V3 and the much better performer. V5 is the ASPH. with the plastic clip-on hood (same as the 35mm Summicron-M). The latest version is also ASPH. but has a metal screw-on hood as all current M lenses.
  5. Good to know, though my lens was 100% fine.
  6. The 28mm Konica I had was spot on with my M9, never had any issues. Never heard that the Konica lenses were any different to a Leica or any other M lens.
  7. Two shots with M9 and the Konica M-Hexanon 2.8/ 28mm.
  8. I had the V2 Elmarit-M 2.8/ 28mm, but found it awful on my M9. Sold it and got a Konica M-Hexanon 2.8/ 28mm (seems to be a copy of the V4 Elmarit), which is a great performer. I took a lot of nice pictures with it during a stay in Barcelona. Sold it anyway to fund the V4 Elmarit. I think the Konica is still the best bang for the buck, as you can get it for 500€-600€. If you want to stay with Leica get the V4 (pre-ASPH.), only get the V3 if money really matters, as in my opinion it's a big and ugly lens (even more if you use it with the lens hood). The ASPH. is still the smallest (like tin
  9. Rock & Roll Straps Black Mamba The Rope straps are made from climbing rope, the Black Mamba is leather.
  10. 51429XX Bought second-hand end of 2018. Located in Berlin, Germany.
  11. Die M (Typ 240) hat kein WiFi, das gibt's erst mit der M10.
  12. In dem man mit dem iPad den AppStore besucht. Sofern eine iPad Version vorhanden ist lädt das iPad diese automatisch.
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