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  1. After putting in the cd card and turning the camera on whilst pressing on the video recorder this message comes up "update file is the same version of current firmware" Any idea what that means and what I can do about it? Many thanks for any help in advance Bulent
  2. Hi, Started shooting in monochrome today and initially the viewfinder showed scene in B&W and then at one point switched to colour.Now I've uploaded them to Lightroom and the thumbnails in the library are B&W but when I open the image it is in colour. Don't understand what happened here. I'd appreciate any help with this.
  3. microview Yes, that is what I am saying. After upload (whether via USB or card reader) the camera says 'none to view' but the images are still on the card. I've been to one branch of Leica in London now I am going to try the other where I actually purchased the camera.
  4. Hi, A curious issue: whether using a card reader or the USB after the upload the camera says "no images" but if I connect it again via the card reader or USB the images are still there. So the only way I can delete them is by formatting the card. I went to the Leica shop with this and their technical department didn't have an answer. Any suggestions/ideas will be appreciated.
  5. I have uploaded Firmware 2 bypassing 1. Do I still have to upload 1 and can I do that after having uploaded 2? Thanks
  6. Thank you Idun. I will also try touchscreen.
  7. Hi I came to Leica Q after using full frame Canon with 40mm pancake lens for some years. In street photography I would use high ISO and fast shutter speed and multi focus with the Canon and get perfect focus on the nearest person to the camera when shooting people on the move. With the Q using the same method I find most of the time the focus shifting to person or scenery behind the person nearest to the camera. Using single focus in these situations is not ideal. I have been experimenting with zonal focusing and finding it inconvenient in relatively low light conditions. Any advise will be appreciated.
  8. What I meant was after downloading it can't open it to copy it onto the SD card. Make sense?
  9. Can't open the firmware after download in Safari. Any suggestions please.
  10. Stantius, big Thank You! ....and I had looked at macro but had clearly overlooked it. Also, thank you mgrayson3.
  11. Hope I am being stupid and overlooking something but the autofocus on my Q suddenly stopped working. The focus rectangle is red instead of green in single or multiple focus modes. I am travelling tomorrow and I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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