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  1. I have 70m Leica S lens - just about to. give it w whirl see how that pans out ..
  2. I don't feel comfortable saying this as Im a great fan of Leica, especially their staff - and spent an awful lot of money on their products but - unless im doing something wrong - and I cant see I am - its not fit for my purpose ..
  3. Ive the same problem - im very surprised this is happening - what to do now ?
  4. We purchased 2 Vintage Airstream Motorhomes 2010 and 2015 - Travelled across USA 4000 miles to the docks and shipped both to England - From 2010 to recently we lived most of the time in Airstream 1 - These are snippets along our merry way Due to retirement we sold Air 1 and Air two is up for grabs - I hope you enjoy my Pictures .. LLL "In a Flutter of eyelids it passed" "Whats passed ?" "Now that your mellow Airstream travels Dear Fellow your way past your prime" .. Said Old Father Time .. Lili Lettice Leatherby
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