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  1. thank you guys for your input. and where did you buy your cameras? online or in store? I tried to get discount, but maximum I've got is 3%. TVA is a killer 19% is enormous amount of money. Do you think Leica Q will hold the value? (sony dropped in price in about 6 weeks after release) ---------------- do you use cap on your Leica? How do you protect the lens? kind of like http://www.angelo-pelle.com/half-case-leica--q.html half cases. Do you have one of those? Are they practical? Pity I have to wait a week or so. Dealer in my are do not have Q in stock ;(
  2. Hello everyone. I do not own Leica camera. Still carrying 6kg+ in my backpack full of Nikon DX. so Im about to jump for something that is simply 600g FX and one lens. Leica Q fits that description, as I like travel photography, nature and street photo. I'm planing trip to Cuba this year and I go with 600g camera only. Will Q also survive normal weather conditions? (light rain, fog, cold, warm, humidity) or are they fragile? Apparently Q is not weather sealed? My Nikon D90 also not and went through hell, Rain, fog, Humidity in warm climate and it survived. does Leica ca
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