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  1. Someone who uses TL leica lenses on SL could post some pictures here to understand the quality? Thank you
  2. Leica Germany has confirmed the flaw that will resolve with update . But still no update from December
  3. You have to write to Leica and ask when it comes out the update.
  4. the problem is that in the video you see them and you can not fix. I recommend everyone to send an email to Leica Camera-to urge the development of the next firmware.
  5. I noticed that this defect will show only preview of Apple opening the dng Room Raw disappears vignetting. It seems as if the lens could see wider and slightly distorted, but once you open the dng the photos you see correct. As if the aberration correcting software.
  6. This defect appears not always, but in some circumstances and often with an automatic WB. Knowing the camera push her over to notice the problem. Another strange thing that happened to me but that is not influential: photographing with 24-90 to 24 on the DNG preview on APPLE is wider and slightly distorted the DNG real that then opens in camera raw. As soon as I will show you this' latest discovery, but not influential. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/254834-vignette-problem/
  7. Answer from Leica Germany: Sehr geehrter Herr Gallegra, das Problematik mit dem Weißabgleich ist uns bekannt und wir so schnell wie möglich durch ein Firmwareupdate behoben. Sobald das Firmwareupdate zur Verfügung steht wird es in Ihrer " Members Area " zum Download bereitgestellt. Mit freundlichen Gruessen / kind regards Dear Mr Gallegra, the problem with the white balance is known to us and we as soon as possible fixed by a firmware update. Once the firmware update is available, it is provided in your "Members Area" to download. Sincerely, / Kind regards
  8. Ok and video solution? the problem is the same in video
  9. the same problem, not a normaly jpg. new firmware will adjust this colored ciano
  10. ok the problem exist. I will try specific test soon.
  11. This happens in jpg natives, not on dng files in LR. The problem exists and has not manifested only to me. Leica has responded to a new update firmware will be soon.
  12. the problem is that the video is the same as jpg, because is 8bit. In DNG problem does not exist. It is annoying to see this flaw also in the electronic viewfinder. I use jpg to give it to the clients to choose my photos. Don't work jpg, use only dng file. Leica will resolved with firmware update.
  13. The same shoot using Canon , Leica SL and Leica Q with the same settings camera(auto WB, 800 iso, 1/60 f4) the highlights are colored in yellow in the Leica SL camera but not in Leica Q and Canon 6d.
  14. perfect, so how can I see the problem there, Leica expected to release a firmware in order to eliminate this defect. In the video it is more serious, if only in jpg using Dng you could do without, but the video on some situations it may not be good. Please if you can put a picture of you here who has the same problem thanks.
  15. I tried with many Leica lens, including 24-90, in your Sl jpg is good?
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