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  1. So I'm wondering which camera do I need to travel light, I have topline Canons and a Pentax K1 at the moment, plus countless film cameras. If I wanted to travel with just one camera what would I get? I'm not a pixel peeper, my reasoning being photography like painting and drawing is an illusion. You take a 3D World and compress it down to a 2D likeness, certainly with photography as long as the mechanics don't become ugly and spoil the trick it works just fine. No one stands in a field watching a Sunset and counts how many blades of grass they can see or trees on the hillside, you just look at the scene and go wow. I use to buy special programs to upsize images, it could take forever to process and there were limits before the trick became obvious and the illusion became tardy. So the other day I opened light room with the intention of seeing what I could expect from a 8meg crop of a 1DX file, the reason being that is what a 50mm crop on a Leica Q gives you. So I cropped a Canon 1Dx file in LR to approx a 8meg size, exported it as a tiff, then opened in Photoshop. Then I resized to like a 15 x 12 inch, viewed at 100 %, then tried to figure out where I had gone wrong, it was way too good for a upsized image, really it was. So I kept trying different images even a crop from a Sony pont and shoot I once owned (left it in a hire car) I took it up to 40inches........now this is getting ridiculous just stupidly ridiculous , it looked great, beyond belief. Whats going on here I'm thinking, again I took a shot from the 1DX with 24mm mkII lens of a coffee shop interior, cropped and upsized to 50 inches, hairs on heads were sharp at 100%...... My conclusion is if the original is clean and sharp you can almost dial in any number you want and the image still hides the illusion, it still works very well, you don't see the slight of hand or trap door, no excuses needed about viewing distance etc it works, it works beyond belief in the latest Photoshop. Leica Q it is then.....or maybe a CL even. Kev.
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with Leica M. I bought a M4P to get into the system and see how it all works for me. I'm not a stranger to RF or manual focusing or film. My problem is I just find the M awkward to hold and a bit fiddly to use. It gets worse if I add a neck strap. So consequence is I don't use it much. If shooting Street I prefer my little Rollei SE, half the size of a M and a meter too. Landscape a Rolleiflex beats it in so many ways or something bigger like a my Linhof. I'm not having the love affair with the M I thought I would have. It's not the take it anywhere camera ready for that quick shot I thought it would be, especially compared to the Rollei 35 SE. I so much want to like this system but its leaving me a bit cold. Am I the only one that finds it not comfy to use? it digs into pressure points on my hand and fingers, I have to keep adjusting how I hold it to relieve those points if using it for anything other than a quick shot.
  3. OK dumb question of the year, none of my straps on other cameras either fit my M4P or they have metal rubbing on the body. What works best, i don't want a narrow strap that rubs soar on the neck after a few hours either. Suggestions please. Cheers, Kev.
  4. earleygallery, my first thought too, thats why on the second roll (now about to process) I made sure it was moving through ok before replacing the base. Still a bit odd I'm sure its me, I must be getting something wrong the Pan F I processed is looking a bit flat, I must be the first person ever to look at a roll of Pan F and think the shadows are ok but the highlights could of had a bit more! :-)
  5. My first roll through a M camera has got me a bit puzzled. I shot it and was surprised to see that after number 36 came up in the frame counter (M4P) I still managed to rattle of half a dozen more shots. Suspecting I did something wrong, the second roll I loaded I wound on further before refitting the base, same thing again, 36 comes up yet I get to fire off a load more. I have only processed the first roll and was expecting to see overlapping frames but no all are nicely spaced and the full roll is exposed, so I thought it must just be a counter problem and thought no more of it. It only dawned on me last night that the first 1/2 a dozen I had taken were not on the film. So whats going on here, is it me? if there is a clutch problem why would it sort itself out after a few shots. The film I have now loaded, upon loading I marked it to see if it advanced a full frame and yes it did, so I'm really confused. Seeking enlightenment, Cheers, Kev.
  6. sorry wrong forum. moved it.
  7. Nevik

    See new Leica lenses are rubbish

    Ha just as I thought, I'll have to buy my fungus elsewhere
  8. Nevik

    See new Leica lenses are rubbish

    Well done Ben. I brought it to the attention of this forum......does that get me a discount or blacklisted? :-)
  9. Nevik

    Leica M is a film camera system

    I just bought a WWII glass negative of Winston Churchill, I have the technology to either print it or scan it. I wonder if the same will be possible for todays photographic technology in 80 years time. It still might be easier getting a neg printed then.
  10. Nevik

    See new Leica lenses are rubbish

    Yes William, I don't disagree that age can add or take away something, it will not alter bokeh or create a classic look, that was created before the ravages of time altered anything. All the best, Kev
  11. Nevik

    See new Leica lenses are rubbish

    I find it odd you list that design is what causes interesting Bokeh then wonder whats wrong with the add My own opinion regarding Bokeh is its the most over hyped tosh currently doing the rounds as something intelligent to say.....but thats beside the point.
  12. If it ain't old and scratched you don't get that Leica look........apparently. I'm surprised they charge so much for new ones or do they rough them up a bit to get the classic "Bokeh" look? I don't mind a bit of sales talk, but what bollocks. Leica Collapsible 5cm (50mm) f/2.0 Summicron Leica 5cm (50mm) f/2.0 Summicron This lens is in good cosmetic condition for its age The lens has slight hazing, producing a classic 'Bokeh' when used Condition - 7.5/10 SN - 1277919 All Leica Store Manchester Approved Pre Owned Equipment comes with a 1 Year Guarantee
  13. Nevik

    Out of focus rendering question

    Digital like to render nice sharp edges, I can see this being at conflict with anything that doesnt have a defined edge.Also check that your software isnt adding too much sharpening.
  14. Nevik

    LFI subscription

    How the hell do you get them to stop taking the money? I got a demand from a solicitor (no contact email on his demand, I found him via a google search and sent emails but never got a reply.) saying I had not paid which I thought odd as it just renews, but as I couldn't find any proof I decided that it was probably my fault so paid up the amount requested which had a hefty collection fee added. I then later got a demand for another 2 euro, for what I don't know not paid never will. I then requested lfi@aboteam.de that any future subscription should be cancelled, I got an email confirming, but the bastards have just renewed it from an empty account I no longer use so I've got a bank charge as well. I've emailed them to ask why but no response yet. I can't see how to cancel via my account, it certainly didn't jump out at me.
  15. " I really could not understand why people would find it hard at start to go from digital to film. It's 3 knobs and a button. " I have to wonder why they make cameras so complicated these days, more options get added in a marketing strategy of more options makes it easier or more versatile. The very first pictures to the latest PhaseOne have only had Focus, emulsion/sensor speed, then shutter to aperture combination to deal with, thats it nothing else is significant.