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  1. Thank you so much for this information. The preview mechanism seems to be sluggish and there is also another part which I feel is a sleep, the return spring is only partially operating, it is extremely weak or the whole system needs a service.. The good news. After a series of activations the R9 has begun to open and close lens apertures which has been a massive improvement from none operation.. The lesson here, do not leave ones camera unused for weeks or months. It looks as if the R9 needs a service and maybe a replacement spring. To this end, I have discovered that all R camera repair
  2. I have a feeling that it is something mechanical rather than electronic. Has anyone had this sort of R9 problem
  3. D.Elk-C

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    Yes,Yes,Yes.I would have thought that Leica could have learnt this from Panasonic, I have been using an old LUMIX FZ50 for years but the screen has been so useful. I run a R9 and a R6 and all those with R glass and use film, wonder, with all this modern technology Leica could very well go back to film.At least there would be negs to go back to. What about it Leica design chaps!!
  4. Thank you everyone for your views on this subject. As fate has it, a Sony A6300 came my way. Its a bit restrictive. strange really, I still prefer film and manual focusing . I am an old boy of 82 and an ex pro of 60 years, and still at it. With tounge in cheek...try real photography !!. Thanks and Cheers to all.
  5. I have a load of" R " lenses doing nothing , 8 in all.from 16mm to 200mm. Its a question which has been asked dozens of times. in the bag is an R6 and R9 What recommendations and advice can be given for a suitable digital body for these lenses via an adaptor. Its been mentioned that the M8 can no longer be serviced/repaired , True of False? And as I see on Ebay the M9 suffers from sensor erosion and many have been replaced. Any advise would be extremely useful which way to go. Many thanks
  6. Many thanks Lord Lucan. Will give it a try and see what happens.
  7. A 90 mm R lens has two chips in the rear element . Any ideas on how one can get it replaced and idea of cost if poss.
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