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  1. Thanks! However, a contact in Wetzlar would be easier for me as I am living in Germany!
  2. Do you (or someone else) know where to address such issues? Mail to address customer.care@leica… ?
  3. Summilux 50 BC looks almost the same… 😕 I really hope that there will be a new firmware soon to correct this extremely strong vignetting! BTW, I still believe there is a more severe problem with the lens profiles. On the 47 MP SL2 both, the FLE35 and the 50 BC, perform much better than on the M10. Maybe due to some in-camera corrections using the Maestro 3 processor. However, with the M11 now both seem to significantly worse.
  4. Cannot believe that the EVF flickering is the normal SL2 behavior with flash! Never heard it before. Please comment if you do have the same problem (“erratic exposure view in EVF”) as pgh. Is there anyone without this problem using a Leica SF60 or SF40 flash? Looking forward to reading your comments!
  5. It was always there (at least with my SL2) with every(!) lens using iAF vs. AFs. I even had a model who was quite irritated by this slow click-click noise. The shutter sounds as you're using 1/10 s shutter speed instead of 1/250 s. 😁 Maybe someone here has a reasonable explanation. 😉
  6. You're right with the ceiling height, but this is often only a compromise to get reasonable light quality. However, I learned from Jerry Ghionis that you get the best light by bouncing the flash (i. e. direction of flash head) into the same direction the subject is looking. At least, it yields the most flattering light in most cases. You're right with your pain point... (same applies for using auto exposure even w/o flash 🙂). However, manually bouncing flash in different directions in the best case yields the same necessity of exposure adjustments in post. At least for me, it is really difficult to adjust the exposure w/o one or two test shots.
  7. First statement: Is this combo really that bad? My Fuji X-T3 + Godox V1 work quite flawless bouncing the flash in TTL (sometimes, I have to adjust flash by 0.7 stops). I thought that would be more or less a standard TTL behavior of modern camera/ flash combinations today (including Leica SL2 w/ SF60). Second statement: How do you manage the get the right balance between ambient and flash light quick enough for event photography manually? The bouncing wall or ceiling may be 1 m behind you or 5 m depending on the location which can quickly change. I ask because I tried this approach with the SL2 and my Godox V1 at home during a "Christmas party". It turned out to be very challenging... 😉
  8. Checking a flickering fluorescent lamp yields: M11: about 1/10 s SL2: about 1/25 s Fuji X-T3: about 1/30 s
  9. Ist bei meiner SL2 nach Update auch so. Bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob das nicht vorher auch schon so war!
  10. It does not work at all!
  11. Correct! Quality of light is a decisive factor in photography. And quality also means the right direction, softness and so on… A flash can be very useful in bright daylight! I think flash equipment and control is one of the weakest points of Leica cameras! That said, I am considering buying an somewhat overpriced SF60 flash for my SL2 (for wedding photography). Therefore, it would be great to understand if TO‘s problem is a common one or just some wrong settings.
  12. Is there a big improvement besides the display of the focused eye? I didn't have the opportunity to test it so far.
  13. Sigma 35/1.4 DG DN, Sigma 85/1.4 DG DN, Sigma 24-70/2.8 DG DN and Panasonic 50/1.8... Couldn't convince myself to buy a Leica SL lens so far. BTW, with the Panasonic 50 the SL2 feels like a different camera regarding AF(C). Almost no wobbling in the EVF and very reliable. The Sigma lenses are optically fantastic but AF(C) is quite slow and unreliable - especially in low light. Not sure about Leica SL lenses. In the store, they seemed to be in-between Sigma and Panasonic, but at least very reliable. Regarding image quality, I still have the impression that the Leica lenses are "somehow superior". But unfortunately, I didn't find any direct comparisons between Sigma and Leica lenses. And they are only f/2 which is not ideal for dark wedding environments either.
  14. I do have the TT350F (besides other Godox Flashes). The batteries die too quickly for my taste... However, my experience with Godox flashes with Li-ion battery is really great! Thus, I recommend to take a look at the V350N in your case. Same flash with much better battery!
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