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  1. SL2 or SL2-S together with a Sigma 24 / 3.5, Sigma 35 / 2.0 and/or the Lumix 50 / 1.8 is still a relatively light and decent travel setup...
  2. Leica SL2, Summilux 50 1.4 BC @ f/1.4: Currently my favorite lens. Love the dream-like mood… 😍
  3. The Nokton 75 f/1.5 is a sharp but very dreamy lens with a lot of glow wide open. Great for portraits! At 2.4 it is already very sharp. The Summarit has a more modern look to it, but also very nice. There are some good reviews of both at findingrange.com. While a prefer the Nokton on the SL2, I would prefer to own the summarit for my M10. The reason is a significant focus shift of the Nokton which of course is no problem at all at the SL cameras. At my M10 I usually use f/1.5 or f/4.0-5.6 to achieve a correctly focused photo.
  4. Stunning light, sky and composition! Great work.
  5. Autumn 2020, Kaddy, SL2, Sigma 85/1.4 @1.4, Available Light
  6. Das ist genau das Problem, das ich ebenfalls bereits vor dem Update hatte bzw. habe (SL2). Wenn ich mich auf eine Automatik nicht zu wenigstens 99% verlassen kann, macht sie für mich keinen Sinn, da ich sie im Ernstfall (z. B. Paarshooting) nicht einsetzen werde. Nach meiner Erfahrung liegt der Fokus vielleicht in 20-30% der Fälle auf der Iris, 30% auf den Wimpern oder Augenbrauen und der Rest irgendwo anders (z. B. auf der Hand vor dem Gesicht oder den Haaren). Das Ganze bei AF-S und erkanntem Gesicht (85 / 1.4). Natürlich kann ein Teil davon von Model/Fotografenbewegungen nach
  7. Eine sicherere und schnellere Verfolgung von Gesichtern mit Eye-AF im AF-C Modus zum Beispiel. Ein Model, das zügig auf die Kamera zu geht, ist für die Kamera im Face/Body-Trackingmodus in der Regel schon zu schnell (bei Offenblende). Und weniger Pumpen im AF-C Modus für Foto und Videos. Um nur mal zwei wichtige Punkte zu nennen.
  8. Sony shoe size is larger than the standard size (for whatever reason...)! BTW, Fuji versions work on Leica M10 and SL2, too.
  9. The Sigma 24-70 is a fantastic lens (especially considering the price), but so far I almost don't use it. Thinking about selling... The only bad points with this lens are size and weight.Thus, from my point of view 24-70 2.8 lenses are very versatile professional tools, but not what I would call an 'everywhere zoom'. However, that's maybe just me... I prefer primes anyway. @Ivar B: The Leica 24-90 is a really fantastic lens from what I've seen so far, but it is even bigger. May I ask you, what's your bag for using this setup (SL/24-90) as a walk-around solution?
  10. Focusing is quick enough for portraits (comparable to the Fuji XF56 1.2 which I also used without any problems for weddings) and usually also very precise. In most cases, I use AF-S in combination with face detection. I am not so happy with AF-C and the SL2 with this lens, as it creates a slightly wobbling picture in the viewfinder. The sharpness at f/1.4 is in my opinion outstanding (not only for the price of the lens). See the 200% crop of a portrait below. I have currently only the Sigma 24-70 mm f/2.8 which is a stunning lens optically and also very quick regarding AF-S (much better w
  11. I don’t have any Sony camera myself. Thus, I cannot compare them. But you are probably right that there may be only small differences. One of my main reasons to buy the SL2 was to use it with my M lenses. I got the Sigma 28-70 2.8 as a kit lens and later bought the Sigma 85 after reading many raving reviews. Thought a long time about buying the 90 SL ( still thinking 🤔)... But it is also a little bit slow ( 2.0 vs 1.4 ). Do you have both, the Sigma 85 and the 90 SL, to compare? In my opinion, the Sigma lenses are extremely sharp, extremely contrasty, show smooth bokeh, but the photos
  12. I am using the new Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN lens and it is by far the best 85 mm lens I have used so far, but I never tried the 90 Cron. A very capable combination for weddings would be this relatively small 85 mm lens together with the Sigma 35 2.0 as starter set. I would probably add a Panasonic 50 1.4, but this is a big one... However, if you really want ‚the Leica look‘ you‘ll probably have to buy the 35 and 75 Summicron-SL for AF. I personally love the look of my almost tiny 35 an 50 mm Summilux-M ASPH lenses, especially with my M10. However, as I said the Sigma 85 is a fantastic lens. The
  13. No, only the Sigma 50 1.4 and the Sigma 45 2.8 so far. By the way, I shot several outdoor portrait sessions (2500 photos) using the new Sigma 85 1.4 without any problems, but I always used the hood. Maybe a difference?!
  14. You should pay for Reid Reviews to get an answer to your question. It’s really worth the money. He has done some very detailed comparisons between different Leica and Panasonic cameras with different lenses (Panasonic, Sigma, Leica).
  15. Ja, sorry. Ich meinte die Farbprofile! Habe auch noch eine Fuji... An den DNG Einstellungen liegt es nicht, das man keinen oder keinen merklichen Unterschied sieht. Habe ich schon ausprobiert, indem ich auf nur JPEG gestellt habe. Werde mal auf meinem kalibrierten Monitor schauen, ob da ein Unterschied zu sehen ist und berichte dann wieder.
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