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  1. Infiniumguy

    In praise of that digital zoom

    I would love to see a Q with the exact same Summilux lens as now, but with a higher MP Back Side Illuminated sensor. That would allow using the crop mode and ending up with greater than 10MP cropped images. Its clearly not an absolute requirement, but a want. The BSI sensor would greatly improve low light shadow performance as we see on Sony and Nikon high-end cameras. Adding some weather sealing to the camera and that’s all I need. Maybe some gold foil to guild the lily. 🙂
  2. Infiniumguy

    is this another undocumented "plus" to the Q?

    I tried Ken’s suggestion, but I may be missing something. When I toggle the display using the center button, on both the EVF and rear LCD, I see the normal 4 different display modes. Three are monochrome and the video one is color. Definitely useful, but different than I expected. What am I missing? Thanks all.
  3. Infiniumguy

    is this another undocumented "plus" to the Q?

    Ken. You are a certified genius. Yet another hidden feature of the Q that’s really useful. I suppose by the time I’ve had the Q for 10 years, all the features will reveal themselves. Thanks my friend.
  4. Infiniumguy

    Loose diaphragm on a new Leica Q

    Very normal.
  5. Infiniumguy

    New (!) review of the Q

    That was fun. It fed all my fan-boy love of the Q. If only...!
  6. Infiniumguy

    49mm UV filter in SILVER

    Good luck to you tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  7. Infiniumguy

    Leica Q - the image thread

    Jono. Your photos are very disturbing and haunting to me. You capture people who are wasting away their lives and its very sad. That they are mostly young people is all the more distressing. I find myself both attracted to and wanting to look away and not view your photos. In this forum you can see a very wide range of life experiences from war torn children in pain to wonderful scenes of joy and happiness. Yours unfortunately show a very dark side of life, but it is real and you capture it exceedingly well i hope you can also submit photos that show beautiful scenes such as at Ankor Watt.
  8. Infiniumguy

    Leica Q flash sync speeds

    +1. I’ve used 1/2000 shutter speed with a flash many times on the Q. Works great!
  9. Infiniumguy

    49mm UV filter in SILVER

    The interior front of the lens is black. I would think a black filter looks fine especially since the hood covers it. Good luck on your pursuit of a silver one. I also would think Leica would make filters in silver.
  10. Infiniumguy

    Leica Q MACRO image thread

    Wow. That is dramatic!
  11. Infiniumguy

    Q beginner questions

    The zoom / lock BUTTON is the button your thumb would naturally push near the top right of the camera. The Thumb WHEEL is the rotating wheel near the top right of the camera looking at the rear of course. I’ve never used the button as you describe so I can’t comment on how that works.
  12. Infiniumguy

    Reprograming the FN button

    Looking in Menu Customize Control for the Fn button allows one to select or deselect which functions are available when you push and HOLD the Fn button. A simple push of the Fn button causes whichever function you last chose to be made active again. Such as timer: 2 sec,12 sec. x to cancel.
  13. Infiniumguy

    Q beginner questions

    Answering your question about shutter speeds in between 1/60 and 1/125, the dial on the top of the camera forshutter speed allows selecting the course setting in 1 stop increments. Assuming you have the thumb wheel set to “Auto” in the Customize Control — Thumbwheel, by turning it you can select 1/80 or 1/100. Welcome to the forum. I recommend you spend a lot of time reading old posts in the Q forum. There’s a wealth of great information and it’ll save you a lot of time. The Q is a fantastic camera and especially after you learn its many great strengths and can work around its few shortcomongs.
  14. Infiniumguy

    Leica Q - the image thread

    We do and expecting more this Sunday. Then it’ll be “warmer” through the end of October.
  15. Infiniumguy

    Leica Q MACRO image thread

    Amazing Demitris. You are a tour de force for macro photography!