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    Monochrom M Typ 246
  1. Morning photos shot with Monochrome M Typ 246 from kayak.
  2. Acousticlight

    NOLA 2016

    A little New Orleans personality
  3. I absolutely love the tonal capabilities and detail of the MM246, and I am longing for the M10 after holding one at Leitz Park. No doubt it is nothing but a luxury to own both, but I won't get rid of my MM246 for the M10. The MM is, in my opinion, just unique and worth what it offers. At least with both bodies I could share lenses. Just my humble, happy opinion.
  4. Some images with Monochrom M Typ246 from train to Heidelberg, and at train station.
  5. Acousticlight


    Traveling to Santorini with Monochrom 246, Summicron 50 and 90, Summer 2016.
  6. Acousticlight

    Chatham County NC

    Monochrom Typ246 50 mm Summicron Red filter 6400 ISO
  7. Received with Summicron-M f/2 50mm on Xmas Eve 2015. These are some of my first shots, processed through LR6. Delighted with my purchase!
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