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  1. I never was able to, regrettably. It never affected actual picture-taking, however.
  2. I put in a battery right off the charger...SD card is formatted in-camera with only the firmware file on it (see image)...Video ON and Power ON and normal camera screen comes up. Weird. Thanks for the replies...even though I'm still at square one. Joe
  3. Hi: Yes, as best as I can tell: put the battery on the charger, let it go until the LED was green, and put it right into camera. Maybe I'll try my other battery, just in case it shows charged but it's still not quite... Thanks.
  4. Even though I believe I'm following all the steps (battery fresh out of the charger, SD card empty, formatted in-camera, holding only the firmware update file) I'm not able to update the firmware of my T (currently running 1.6, looking to upgrade to 1.9). Is there a wonky combination of settings that makes the Video ON + Turn-on not work (the camera just starts up normally). I've successfully updated the firmware in the past, so I'm baffled. Thanks!
  5. I've performed successful firmware upgrades to my T in the past, but even with a fully-charged battery I can't get to the firmware-upgrade screen when I press the video record button + power-on to get the 1.8 upgrade going. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Joe
  6. It's been Leica CL, M4-P, and M6TTL for film. Leica DLux4, and now Leica T for digital.
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