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  1. I liked Manfrotto Nx CSC . It's a messenger style camera bag with top opening access and doesn't draw much attention. More importantly, don't forget to tape up your SL2-S front red logo for street photography.
  2. Looks like we need matching belt , buckle and watch
  3. I would have thought that you have a good one lens solution with Q-2 already. 47 MPs on 28mm , cropped 35 mm, 50 mm modes make it very usable. I really don't see how the SL2-s can improve the situation especially the SL2-s and Sl are so similar in weight and operating style . Granted the back buttons from SL2-S are similar to Q2, and M10. May be you already have some lens ( sorry one only--per OP requirement ) in mind which requires SL2-S ?
  4. I stick to my Q-P .. Thank You
  5. Really look forward to this FP-L . I am sure there will be a lot of interest if indeed it has Foveon sensor, IBIS and an EVF ( external or built in ). Many of my friends have been waiting for years to try their beautiful Leica or other legacy glasses on the famous Foveon sensor. This may give another spin to the L mount alliance. Leica, the king (Design , Quality and Price) , Panasonic offers a viable traditional alternative and Sigma provides the "FUN" and unique conversation pieces. ( FP , FP-L etc) . So if they play their roles right , we will have a complete stable of L mou
  6. Ditto for me !!! I use the Q as good quality 28 and 35 mm (crop) with the V-lux 114 for video and Tele. The common battery is really space saving idea for travelling, which I used during my last trip in Dec 2019 in Vienna. Light weight and total coverage from 25-400 .
  7. If Fuji will issue a 50 MPX version of the NEW GFX 100-s, offering faster AF and better high ISO noise performance similar to the case of SL2-s on SL2, they may have a real winner. As much as 100MPX sounds very attractive, not everyone wants to deal with such large files.
  8. number 4 ) is the deal breaker for me . Cannot see anything on the LCD panel under sun light, while IBIS is not an issue I would have picked one up in a heartbeat If Sigma were to provide a SMALL LCD hood ( foldable ) or SMALL LCD finder for viewing .
  9. I am in the market for the SL2 or SL2S and of course the battery issue will be one of my main concerns. I intend to freely use any of the L Alliance lenses (with no worries ), supported by the three CEOs of the three companies . So far my concern is not so much as what the battery indicator says ( 75 %or 25% ) but rather: the number of shots or the time you can shoot the 4K with that lens set up from that fully charged battery. After I can get a reasonable number of shots on that lens set up say 300-400 or the appropriate mins on the 4K or bursts , what the battery in
  10. I am also a Fuji / Leica shooter and Fuji has very nice quality for its price. If you have been thinking about Leica , I would suggest go all the way to SL as it is FF. You will find moving from Fuji to CL may not give enough "WOW " you have anticipated. Both being APSC and most of the CL lenses are from Japan (except for 35 TL and 60 TL). If you'd liked the CL option, I am sure you will lust for a SL soon thereafter. Get the SL if budget allows, and use some of the fine and less expensive L Alliance lenses from Sigma and Panasonic (Sigma has announced some primes recently
  11. Agree ! Weight of the camera(s) will become more of an issue for some of us retirees who enjoy travelling to places not necessarily reachable by car. A well designed light backpack will be a godsend. My second camera had alway been a lighter one with compatible lens to the main one . Using 2 SL s and carrying them on a trip will be too "rich" for my body. Sorry about digressing from the original subject.
  12. Dear friends ( Nicci78, Ken, MediaFotographie, BlackBarn, Localhero 1953, Mute-On, Jankap, dkCambridgeshire, hillavoider) Thank you so much for sharing the above ideas and experience : Can't trash it as I don't know which recycle bin to put in : metal or glass or electronics ( I have to pay them money to remove it ) My smart nephew will ask for a SL lens first before he will accept the old camera. He will even ask me for some film allowance. I don't have much paper for a paper weight nowadays. May be as a door stopper --- definitely in the way for my wife and she d
  13. Want to get the Sl2 or Sl2s for IBIS and the newer electronics. I don't want to sell the existing SL ( may only get only US$2000 where I live ) and look for a good reason(s) for keeping it. A backup L mount camera is not important for me as, I (a70 yr. old hobbyist) will not take two SL's out shooting due to their weight. I may more likely take my M10 or QP as the second camera. Hence looking for good ideas of using this still very nice SL (601) for innovative way . Thanks
  14. Yuhau


    It has been a long time since CL or TL2 were released and with the recent 3 new APS-C L mount lens from Sigma, SL2-S well may be a scaled down APS-C version of SL2 with IBIS.
  15. Leica Q will complement your CL set up well : 1. 28 mm in FF 24 MPX. 2. 35 mm on Q of crop factor at X 1.25 ( 35mm/28mm ) , as compared to CL APS-C with X 1.5 crop . 3. Your current CL offers 35mm crop factor of 1.5 = 52.5 mm In other words, you have a very good lens coverage of 28, 35 and 52 ( all auto focus)
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