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  1. I have found the ultimate wrist strap for the Leica Q....Leicatime's Silky. Its the best! http://www.leicatime.com/a000-STRAPS-page.htm
  2. It is now the end of February 2016. I am still having problems transferring files from my Q to my iPad using the Q app. Would some one who is technically ept consider doing a YouTube tutorial on the various methods of connecting. Also, how do you delete files from your Leica Q Album?
  3. Leica Q Sony A7RII Sony RX100 MKIII Formerly Canon 5D MKIII
  4. I have been looking for a minimalist simple bag to carry my Q. I believe I have found the right one in the Tamrac Derechoe 3 shoulder bag. Take a look. http://www.tamrac.com/collections/shoulder-bags/products/derechoe-3
  5. Has anyone found a good, simple bag for carrying their Leica Q? I am looking for something of quality, but mostly utilitarian, unlike the Leica purpose-built day bags.
  6. I also have looked for a third party guide........unsuccessfully.
  7. First, thanks for the tip re grid lines. Second, I ordered a Harry Benz wrist strap today and will use round rings. PS. Are all Leica users retentive?
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to program in grid lines in the EVF on the Q? Also, what are people using for strap rings......round or triangular?
  9. Has anyone tried the Peak Design hand strap? I use one on my 5D III and will probably do the same on my Q when it arrives. https://www.peakdesign.com/straps?gclid=CjwKEAiA7f-yBRDAgdv4jZ-78TwSJAA_WdMazwC9SNqpmjq75ZmhROuV5MOS19sYg5M1bhTGauj3PhoCWinw_wcB
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