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  1. M(240); Summarit 35
  2. A sunny day in Oxford
  3. A (very) sunny Waverley Station, Edinburgh. Leica Q
  4. I also have a copy and would say for those who are not so familiar with the R series this book provides an extremely well illustrated and informative introduction.
  5. Hi, Probably not a very helpful suggestion as you want a London event but I see that Matt Stuart is running a three-day street photography workshop in Bristol this July - what finer tutor could you get: it's a Martin Parr foundation event so I have no doubt MP will also be there. https://www.martinparrfoundation.org/events/matt-stuart-workshop/ ... and let me know if you go. Regards, Philip
  6. Yes, also interested depending on when and where.
  7. Yes, my thanks for this one - extremely useful.
  8. ... but Monday may be even better when you load the first roll in your M4: a great M.
  9. It may not be as stylish as a Pelican case but I often use a 1.6l size box made by the Really Useful Box Co. They are aboout £3 in the UK and widely available at stationers and office supply shops - and may be available in the US. They are very strong - much stronger than a food container - and have firm lid catches. Just a thought ...
  10. Great shot and a very interesting camera/lens combination. Were you using a 'real' CL (film!) with an adaptor?
  11. Well seen - fine streeet photography. Philip
  12. I still have a digital camera but try to think of it purely as a ‘back up’ to my ‘main’ film leicas.
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