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  1. To my old eyes the M10M with neutral filter gives it a very 1950a look. I too thank you for the time and effort you put into this project. George
  2. I raised the question a while back in the CL section if there would be any interest in a CL Monochrom. From the few that replied I would say the answer was, "No". I still would like to see Leica produce one. I have an SL-2 but rarely use it. It's just too big, not a big as my Nikon D850, but big and complicated. I use mostly my M-10 and my type 246 mono. As I get older I find I love simple more and more. I began with a iiif or iiig (I can't remember) in 1964 and loved its size and simplicity. So would I leap for a SL-2 Mono? No. Would I jump for a CL mono? Indeed I would. So, we all have our dreams and Leica has its bottom line and need we guess which one shall win?
  3. Reading the 30 pages of this thread has been an education, to say the least. I would love to think that Leica was reading it and taking some of it to heart. I have a CL which I was talked into at the Leica Store Miami. And I am happy I listened to David's enthusiasm for the camera. I think it is a wonderful camera over all. I also have an M-10,, and SL2, an M monochrome type 246, and a D-Lux. My wife uses a V-Lux. I have been using Leica since 1964. My father used then before me., So my comfort with the brand is deep. So what about the CL? I use M lenses and SL lenses as well as the tiny pancake CL. Add to that a couple of L mount Sigmas and a just acquired TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 . I can use every lens on the CL and get excellent quality images on a finely built, rugged, small camera. So why didn't this camera sell like hot cakes? Even the price was reasonable (for a Leica).The camera should have sold itself. And I wonder if Leica thought it would. I don't remember any big excitement from Leica about this camera. I think they failed miserably in their marketing. They put huge effort into the M and the Q and SL2, but not the CL. So sales were not astounding, I assume and now it is discontinued. Porsche 911 is like the Leica M, the CL should have been like the Boxter. I had a Boxter, it was fun and a very fine car. I bought it because it was well marketed and the promotions excited me with the idea that I could afford a good, though smaller Porsche. Leica allowed the CL to die and In my opinion that was simply a dumb thing. Enough of my rant. I, like many others have said will enjoy my CL until it falls apart. George Charter Sustaining Member LHSA
  4. I am glad to read that. It takes courage and a strong morality to take an action which will hurt a small company. Thank you Leica.
  5. Both Peter and David Turnley are posting every day on their individual Instagram pages from the border of Poland and Ukraine. One picture of David show him with a pair of Leica Ms on his chest. I assume Peter has his trusty M10 and 35mm Lux with him. He went into Ukraine yesterday. They seem to trust Leicas to get the job done.
  6. I just saw a teaser graphic from Leica about the upcoming event... my doubts are considerably less now. The graphic looked much like an "M 11" to me.
  7. I think a new M10 at that price with full warranty would be a sensible thing to buy. Everyone thinks Leica is introducing this M-11 but we don't know. I have my doubts. For me and my style of photography my M10 is just fine. I've been using Leica since about 1965 along with a bunch of other fine tools. The M 10 is a fine camera.
  8. Michael, the pictures you posted cost me a lot of money. I shall be ordering a Q2M. It is astounding what you have shown. A perfect example of a picture being worth a thousand words or pixels! Thanks for posting... I think. 🙃
  9. I have thought that the removal of the cable release thread on cameras was a stupid ploy to require the purchase of an electronic release gizmo. The cable release is cheap and dependable it should never have been removed in my opinion. It would have been so easy to offer both cable release thread as well as electronic on all but the M. Leave the M simple, please! There, got that off my chest!
  10. For those of us who live hours and hours from the nearest Leica store I think it is a pity that Leica isn't doing this via live stream. Leica is shutting out many loyal customers by making this an in-person event. What ever they are unveiling it will be fun to see the reactions here and elsewhere.
  11. I use this lens quite a bit. In my opinion it is one of the unsung heros of the Leica family. The only issue I have had is when I do not extend it properly and lock it. Of course its not as good then. But that is my error. The size is great and with the excellent high ISO of the M 10s the slower aperture is not an issue. I use it with the Macro Adaptor on occasion and find it is a delight.
  12. I am finding this thread interesting and amusing. Interesting because of the ingenuity of some of the solutions and amusing because on another thread on this forum people are talking about using very fine sandpaper to effect wear on the black paint M cameras so they show brassing. It's what once was called antique faking. In both cases I see the love of the Leica camera which we all share. I would ask both those who want the camera to show no use and those who want to fake lots of use - have you forgotten that this is but a tool created to record an image, not unlike a hoe is to chop up the soil. I try to take good care of my cameras, but my concern is how can I make more expressive images. It's all harmless fun and keeps us off the streets and out of our spouses hair. George
  13. I meant Wealth not welsh... No insult meant for the good folk in Wales.
  14. Leica Store Miami- Very knowledgeable about all things Leica as well as being honest and rapid in shipping. Look at their used - recent tab. Often they have Q2s. I have bought several used toys and they were hard to tell from new. Talk to Josh or David. Good people. They also run the Red Dot Forum a welsh of information and real life reviews.
  15. I enjoy using my 21mm Elmarit on my M-10. I have found using the Visoflex (020) the most satisfactory method. Using Live View is also an option. The Visoflex is a handy product though expensive. I noticed that Leica Store Miami has a couple of used ones for sale on their site. I don't have a mono so I don't know if the image in the EVF is in color or not. You have an enviable kit! Enjoy it. George
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