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  1. Might I suggest that you rent a SL2 and adaptor and try it for yourself. It might be money well spent.
  2. I will put in my plug for Leica Store Miami. I have bought a used M-10, several used lenses, a new CL, a new SL2 from them as well as a few other toys. I have found the condition of the used equipment to be better than described and with a couple of lenses, I thought they had sent me a new one. The photos of the used equipment are of the actual piece of equipment being sold. They are not stock pictures. The people working there are most helpful and know Leica inside and out. They also run the Red Dot Forum which is a grand source of information. I have no affiliation with the store, just
  3. No, the SL2 and SL2 S are the same size large cameras. The CL is small.& compact which is its appeal. And the SL2 S isn't monochrome.
  4. I have toyed with getting an M10-Mono but it's very expensive and seems to be having some issues. I use an M-10, an SL2 and a CL with pleasure. I don't want a Q Mono because I don't want a one lens camera. So I thought how wonderful it would be to have a CL Monochrome. Cheaper than the M10M, able to use any lens I want, small, high quality - all the joys we love in the CL. So I have two questions: 1. Am I the only one interested? 2. Is it possible to make a Monochrome CL sensor? Thoughts are welcome! George
  5. Leica Store Miami has the Paul Smith CL and 18mm lens kit available. I wish I had bought one rather than the plain one that I did. They have a decent return policy, but I doubt you would want to return it. You will love it. LeicaStoreMiami.com Leica CL 'Edition Paul Smith' Limited to 900 sets worldwide $3,395
  6. I find the Visoflex useful for my 21 Elmarit and somewhat for the macro-elmar 90. But it's not a great piece of equipment. For what it's worth, Leica Miami has a (or just had) a used one. I'm not sure they are worth the full price.
  7. I also use the Leica M to L adapter. It is Leica quality and a thing of beauty. I could not get a black one, so it's a bit of silver on an otherwise all black set up. As for Arca Type plate I use a 40mm one from Breakthrough Photography which I bought at Leica Store Miami. It fits perfectly on my M 10 as well as on my SL2. It is snug and very nicely machined. I like it better than the other plates I have used.
  8. Yes, thanks, I have the non-electric version which is fine - almost. I wonder why Novoflex dropped the electronic version? It would seem to me that with two SL2 cameras available it would be sensible to reintroduce it.
  9. Is there an MC-21 type thing for Nikon lenses on SL2 that allow auto focus? I am getting a new SL2 tomorrow and have many Nikon lenses the I'd love to be able to use on the Leica. I have the Novoflex Nikon =Lmount adaptor which works on my CL, but doesn't allow any autofocus etc.
  10. I have no idea behind the reason for the price increase but it was high enough that today I ordered from Miami a new SL2. Perhaps I used as a justification that I "saved" $600. by getting it today... In any event it will be here by the weekend which is exciting. I'm not sure my wife think's I'm all that wise, but my dog does. I look forward to using it with my M lenses and my long Nikon ones.
  11. A year late, but just noticed the thread. I have found the 7 Artisans 50mm 1.1 will NOT work using the Leica M-L adaptor on the CL. Beyond about 8 feet the rear element housing hits the frame of the CL and prevents further focusing. That is a pity as the lens is quite a good one and it would be fun to use on the CL. It's fine on my M 10.
  12. This might not be the right place, but I have just bought a Novoflex LET/NIK adaptor so I can use my venerable manual focus Nikon lenses on my CL. Is it possible and if so how can I use focus magnifying with the adaptor. I can use it with the M lens adaptor, I think.
  13. I wonder if you might consider renting an M-10 which would allow you to discover if it is right for you or not. I have heard only good things about LensRentals.com as a source. They are in the U.S. and I don't know if they deal with Canada, but it would be worth while to look at the site. Though it would cost a bit, it might be money well spent. An M-10 for 7 day's seems to be $334.00 US. I use both an M-10 and a CL on which I use my M lenses. I really enjoy the CL. I have used Leica since about 1966 so that will tell you I am very happy with them. I confess that I also use Nikon, mo
  14. I have used my CL for a bit over a year and never knew about this feature! I just tried it! What a revelation. Thanks for pointing that out. I use the CL with my M lenses quite often and seem most comfortable with manual focus. Now I have it!
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