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  1. My one day old Q2M is shooting high contrast SOOC JPEGs (+ RAW) with slight sepia tone and yes they are superb. I would prefer an even more subtle sepia (where you are not sure if toned or not) but still they are gorgeous. I was worried that I had made a mistake buying this camera but now i have seen the files I am sold.
  2. You just made me want to get back into film. PanF was a personal favourite of mine except for its limited use due to ISO 50 and I would not want to push it. Gorgeous blacks and great results from 35mm format. I'm not a large grain lover so never really took to TriX / HP5 in 35mm. Living in the UK PanF 50 needs sunshine but when it was sunny I preferred to shoot on Provia 100F.
  3. Well I can't qualify as a mainly film photographer but I prefer the aesthetic of film to digital and enjoy its imposed constraints and challenges. The Fujifilm X-Pro3 lets you pick a film simulation, tweak it to preference, shoot in jpeg only then close the back and stay away from chimping. You can also store 7 film stocks in C1-C7 and they give pleasing results. Digital grain and some negative clarity goes a long way.
  4. Have you introduced that with pp? is it present on the unprocessed raw? I've seen that when trying to pull back blown highlights. Possibly caused by hue adjustments too?
  5. I'm debating the same. I have the Q-P but want the Q2M rather than the Q2. Having previously owned an M10 and M246 mono, it's the M246 that I regret selling despite my poor ability to nail focus. I have replaced the M's with an X-Pro3 which better fits my needs. My Q-P is almost duplicated with my fuji 16mm 1.4 so I could let the Q-P go but I would probably regret it. I'm not a bw only shooter but those monochrom files are indeed something special.
  6. Never seen it before. Or at least never noticed it. Curious as to why this happens though.
  7. If you look at the first sample image on this page you can see a strange effect in the bokeh resembling double vision: https://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/leica_q2_monochrom_review/sample_images Look at the window frames top left. I can't see this happening elsewhere. Anyone know what this is?
  8. Please accept my apologies. I guess you know too well about the issues of scanning poorly exposed film. I’m relatively inexperienced but have had time to benefit from a lot of mistakes.
  9. I've had images like this before that were caused by under exposure errors that were auto corrected by the scanner. Most scanners are set to auto expose which masks exposure errors. If you look at the negs you can tell to a degree if the exposure was off. You can also ask your lab to not correct exposure during scan.
  10. I always prefer to carry two bodies as I hate changing lenses. I did this for a while with an MP in silver and an M-A in black which was fun. In the end I gravitated to shooting one digital body and one film body. My setup has now stabilised with the Q-P and the M-A with the lovely Zeiss 50mm Sonnar.
  11. Choice of film stocks is largely influenced by an individuals appetite for grain. Personally I think that prominent grain suits some types of photography more than others. Portrait photography and grain go together very well. I think this is where HP5 and Tri-X do best. These film stocks don't fair so well in street photography where faces are usually further away. Grain interferes with fine details so if fine details are important then grain becomes your enemy and PanF 50 and other low speed films give better results. Especially modern T-grain films like delta and tmax. Grain is also strongly influenced by choice of developer so I don't think you should choose a film stock in isolation. Some developers that provide high acutance will exaggerate grain and sometimes render it unpleasantly (in my opinion).
  12. Provia 100F is great for sunny days. Beautiful reds and high resolution. i like Pan F, Delta 100 and tmax 400 for b&w
  13. I’ve never done this but I would not be worried as the tank is light tight. I would put the top on to be extra sure but that’s just me.
  14. The Nikon version of the remote trigger. I have the Sony V1 which works with my Sony and Fuji triggers. I don’t know if the V1 works with my Q as an on camera flash but I have my SF40 for that anyway. i wish I had bought the x-pro trigger instead of the x1t trigger as it covers the shutter speed dial
  15. The V1 version is not relevant. It's the trigger version that is important. Single pin refers the central pin that carries the fire signal. Everything else is switched off. This means that you don't get TTL and will need to set the flash power manually. I know that the Fuji works on the Q and I have heard that the Nikon trigger works too. Don't know about SL2. I would guess it's flash is the same as the Q.
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