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  1. Thanks Asiafish for the advice on ISO 3200. Yeah, it is pretty decent even at that ISO. The X journey continues... 1) Realised that Leica X has the reluctance to move up the ISO under Autofocus mode. Not ideal if I want some background to the indoor subject short distance from camera. I have to switch manually to adjust the depth of field. More effort compared to my previous more intuitive compact cameras. 2) The ISO is not indicated in the EVF or LCD screen. Only shuttle speed and aperture priority. Have to play back to know the photo's ISO rather than during focussing. 3) JPE
  2. Thanks for the valuable advice. I have been struggling with the camera's settings. Glad to find this forum with many experienced X users. Focus Point Thought the 11 auto focus points could save my day based on my experience with other cameras. Unfortunately, I got so many photos taken with the intended subjects went out of focus. Now I am trying out the 1 point focus instead after reading some of the reviews (mostly about X vario, X1 and X2) Indoor Photo taking I must confess that I have been using the foolproof compact digital cameras such as the trusty Sony Rx100 for man
  3. Hi I am a new user of Leica X. I would like to know anyone here tried out the different menu settings for Film Mode, Sharpness, Saturation and Contrast. I have applied "standard" all the time. Wonder what would be a good combination. Also, do these settings affect the DNG file? Regards ML
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