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  1. Very good advice. Thank you for the input. It is valued.
  2. Thanks for that - I don't know what I was thinking ....Mondays...
  3. I just figured it out ... Feeling really dumb right now. The centre 'Thumb wheel' button does not work to select. I have to press The Bottom 'Set' Button.I thought the centre thumb button worked before for this.... Thank you to all that replied - !!!
  4. Thats the issue - It will not delete the image from the 'Delete' button - sorry if I wasn't clear.
  5. Hello 240 users out there. I was wondering if anyone has had this Issue: Cannot delete images from menu selection on camera.Im hoping for assistance.I cannot delete single or all images from the camera using the menu option.- I have the Firmware and - I shoot images in JPEG as Well as RAAW for the same image.To try to resolve this, - I have reset the camera settings - to no avail.- I have re-formatted the SD Cards - to no avail.- I have tried deleting using different SD Cards- to no avail.Can you assist ?
  6. gvaneijk

    New York

    Images of Newyork Through a Leica
  7. gvaneijk

    Paris I remember

    Images from my M6 on visiting Paris.
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