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  1. I'm investigating this. So my PhaseOne dealer suggested an IQ3 but think there might be a couple of problems with this. Electronic shutters and the attendant limited range for flash sync. So the S3 is still in the running because of the mechanical shutter and its OVF. I hope not to just use the S3 for macro work so its got to work for its keep. The SL2 is on top of the list if I can find a good adapter solution. Its there simply because I have 3 SL cameras so having more systems is just a bigger headache. The Sinar is just a bellows so I don't consider it a separate system. The Artec and other Sinar cameras aren't really high on my list of shooting needs so the PhaseOne has a more limited application to my clients.
  2. The M11's pixel binning technology should be a nice addition to the sensor on the S. Exceeding 24 mp does have a real impact on my storage. I was following up on Sinar who pushed me to reconsider the S system. Coming from an earlier era Sinar I dug deeper into the P3, I'm not surprised Leica purchased Sinar. Sadly, I think their digital backs are one of the casualties because of CaptureOne's support for the S system. I'm a little conflicted. The PhaseOne fits all of the Sinar technical cameras but the S3 I can sort of justify business-wise. So now I'm awaiting my Leica rep to arrange a meeting with the S3.
  3. Thanks everyone, I was doing a bit of research for the S3 when I came across this thread. I had tried the S2 before long ago but I have forgotten how it handled. I have a question regarding the focusing screen. I believe the default screen for the S3 is a full groundglass screen. For those with perfect eyesight, is it easy to nail focus on small details? Say the eyes in a full length portrait at wide open aperture of the 120mm macro. I went from a Canon 1DmIII to mirrorless and I was never 100% thrilled with focusing accuracies of the 1D. It was good, just not great because of the mirror mechanisms not being easily calibrated. I know my final decision is going to be an in-person test of the actual purchase camera but I like to know the general experience of others. Now I'm primarily an SL - SL2S & Q2 user. Love them and will not give them up but I'm finding a need for medium format files. I'm actually not thrilled to go to the S3 but needs may drive my decision. However I do like the thought of going back to OVF. I'm also quite comfortable with manual focusing rather than relying on AF.
  4. I like it but I think it makes better sense for Leica to have a Monochrom SL to give professionals an added incentive to consider the SL system. Maybe a best of both worlds, the Monochrom model in "Reporter" style to differentiate it from the standard SL2 cameras.
  5. I agree. The durability of the camera should extend to the covers and eyecups. In my case, my fingers stop short of the body so I don't have these issues yet.
  6. Zoom because capturing the moment beats composition 😂 Just a priority not a desire to argue with anyone. I guess it depends. If I use a prime, its usually in studio or a location setup these days where I need f2 look or speed of the object detection which works 100% of my studio sittings. Outside of these, I just pick an M lens because I'm lazy when casual shooting. Or even a TL lens ; ) Otherwise its the 24-90. These days 90+ % of my pictures is on the 24-90. But 47mp and the sensor stabilisation does give me some cropping leeway. So Zoom would be my pick. I don't have the 24-70 so I can't comment on that.
  7. Likewise, I did receive the survey. I'm pretty happy with what my current cameras deliver ( I still have the SL and the SL2). And I'm keeping them because they do different things for me. Image quality is still superb with the SL. So an SL model with an articulating screen would be nice addition to cover my use case. I did ask for 16 bit color and leaf shutter sync capabilities for S lenses, in addition to view camera type of capabilities. A articulating screen will be a very useful addition in product photography as well as video. If their EVF can be articulated or linked by cable, I think I might like that. I felt that Leica already have a vast range of lens designs for every format I need, it does make sense for them to make the reuse case for their lenses in a broader manner. Like S lenses for tilt shift on a 35mm sensor. It's cheaper than buying a different system to do other things. They could rehouse their S lenses in mechanical bodies more suited for view camera work where AF is not needed. Regarding AF capabilities, I agree with other posters that processor speed and sensor output speed will be the key component to delivering superior continuous AF performance. That and better optimised software. One other thing about AFC is to keep the camera very stable as you pan and follow. Lock your stance. It helps. It may not be Nikon, Sony and Canon great though : )
  8. 35mm f1.4 ZM, 35mm f2 SL & 30mm f1.4 Sigma DC. I will add a few more cropped versions
  9. 😬It's a little embarrassing I have to confess. I buy lenses knowing they are already good. I don't put in a lot testing to know if I have a perfect copy. I got the ZM because it's sharp and because it's bigger the vignetting is less than a Leica M equivalent and that I needed a lens that's tactile in response to manual focusing. I got the SL 35mm because I'm basically a lazy photographer and use AF a lot and more recently face detect under commercial lit jobs. Life is easier 😉 I got 3 APSC Sigma primes because if I do run and gun I don't really need a lot of pixels and sometimes they ask if I can shoot a bit of video. Honestly, the Sigmas are simply better for video than my Leica primes. Easier to handle and lighter and less tight on the focusing rotation. I don't sweat the sharpness. Until the job sweats me 😂 So lets see how they work out. Bet I will be surprised. I just need the lens to be excellent so I can just focus on how bad I was 😂
  10. I have both the 35mm f1.4 ZM and the APO 35mm f2.0. If I can squeeze out the time I will shoot something. Unfortunately, I'm staying at a rather dreary location. Finding a nice subject might be difficult.
  11. I don't shoot much weddings but I found the Q2 a beautiful match with an SL2 and the 24-90. If I were younger, the 90-280 will be in the bag. The SL is still used frequently but only in the studio.
  12. It's a bit tough to answer. When I first got my SL, I was tired and had just decided to retire. So with the SL, I got the 24-90 which is a wonderful lens for fast action work and certainly good enough for commercial quality assignments that's tight on time. One camera and one lens to do everything because I was tired and maybe a little bored. So I decided to live riskily and let the SL be my only camera. When the SL2 arrived, I happened to need 47mp for a project but it was so good I was using it for everything. And then I got the primes 35, 50 & 90 which actually sat around without seeing much use as the 24-90 was just so useful. A continuous stream of corporate portraits put the SL back into play and the main lenses for it are the 50 and 90mm. I have never did a serious comparison between SL2 and SL in terms of quality because the lenses I used were not the same on each camera but I would consider the SL ISO 50 files to be sublime. Not being a nit picker really, I just want to enjoy my work and I don't actually see much difference in either camera. I use Iridient Developer to do the raw files conversion so that might well be a factor in the lack of difference to my eyes. Anyway, any side by side comparisons will definitely show up any fine changes in colours and details but I just live with the characteristics of my chosen camera. If I'm engaged in a scientific project where variations in tones and colours are critical, I would be more rigorous in doing a setup and pairing up the equipment sets.
  13. As a personal camera without the need to enlarge religiously, the SL2-S. I want to enjoy my photography but I haven't learnt to slow my pace of shooting. Too many 85mb files can be a killjoy. As I depend on the cameras for a living, I'm grudging loving my SL2 and delaying the purchase of the SL2-S which I know will displace the SL2 as my main camera. I may finally sell off the SL which dragged me from my retirement plans 😅 But they are all good cameras.
  14. lx1713


    I'm a stills photographer who shoots RAW 100% of the time but I can't perfectly match colours even from cameras that are different camera but same models with same lenses. So I am guessing that what he meant is the artistic vision is very much doable now without the angst over which camera is better. Else the argument seems odd that he had particular reasons for picking an Alexa Mini and not any camera will do. Thanks, I enjoyed and appreciate the point of view brought up. I'd be interested to see how the Red Scarlet compares.
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