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  1. BH emailed me that my order is ready but recession is here so I have to cancel mine
  2. Lack of 3rd party support for Leica due to it's too niche of a market.
  3. Damn $6k camera with an issue? they should do better than this.
  4. Leica is always better and the best! spend your money on the best lens! don't listen to anyone advising cheaper glass is better than Leica..
  5. Based on those pics, that's not worth $1400.
  6. Damn, for that kind of $$ and it's not even tight? I'd return it.
  7. If it's priced at US $6k, I'd give a hard thought to buy this.
  8. I'll make the offer later today for $2500
  9. I came across a desperate seller on ebay, trying to sell open box SL 2 for US $9950 😅 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Open-Box-Leica-SL2-47-3MP-Mirrorless-Digital-Camera-body-10854/223858176889?hash=item341efcb379:g:0JYAAOSwPCFeEq27
  10. @jonoslack Pardon the rookie question, so how's the difference of files between converting color from M10 to B&W vs M10 Monochrom? does it take a lot of to achieve same tonality?
  11. I personally not zoom type of person, but this would be different form each individual so if i elect to buy, I'd buy prime 1st as it's more suited to my style. The question of zoom vs prime has already been beaten, quality of zoom now has reached the same level of prime at certain lens opening. Zoom has longer and wider reach 24-90, the prime has 2.0 opening. So what are you trying to achieve if you only try to compare at 2.8?
  12. @Chaemono if you are to start from scratch, which camera would you choose?
  13. If you don't mind less discreet and heavier than M series, get the SL 2. The ability to adapt many range of lenses makes this camera worth to have. Plus all the nicks and nicks of AF, IBIS, etc.
  14. It's totally different, yes you may step closer to get 90 perspective with 75 lens on hands, but it will still give you different look. Do you feel like tighter crop? then 90 is your better lens, if you like less the 75 is your lens. My current primes (Canon) consist of 35/50/85/135, so in Leica SL , if money allows me, I'd get 35/50/90 or if only two lenses 50/90 or 35/75.
  15. If you have the funds, why not? you only live once!
  16. what aperture? if it's 1.8 then it's a Lux
  17. Surprisingly $5k lenses did not even pass a good quality control from the beginning?
  18. What's more important is the support system. Profoto and Elinchrom here in USA are well known and easy to reach out. Not sure on Priolite, even if they're well made seems like not everyone knows about it.
  19. Those I believe are intended for the 4/3rd system, I could be wrong though.
  20. Hmm.. you don't get the point Canon EOS R with their RF lenses is Canon 1st foray to mirrorless world. Not sure what's your point on comparing this EOS RF with M lenses? they both are different one is range finder and one is not.
  21. It's not Range Finder.. 😉 LOL it's Canon mirrorless line.
  22. Leica store Miami, are now selling the SL for $2595. How are individual seller now compete with this selling price point?
  23. Yes, that's the RF line lens. So far all reviews are raved about it.
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