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  1. I found this camera and its lenses very good for travelling. With the two zooms 18-56 and 55-135 it was possible to do everything. I thus completed the kit with the other lenses and various accessories. Now that the system is being abandoned, what should I do with the camera, lenses and accessories?
  2. kengai

    M11 and GPS

    I have noticed that when I import the files into Lightroom they all have the same GPS co-ordinates, i.e. a remote point in the ocean. How do I make sure I don't have any GPS reference?
  3. In the new firmware there is perspective control: how does it work?
  4. what is the numeric code of this lens?
  5. I tried the Summicron 35mm APO on the M11. I was impressed by the great definition, the richness of detail, but ... it's too much for my taste. What could be a good alternative?
  6. I have read about the possibility of connecting the camera to the PC to charge the battery and also to download files from the SD card. Which cables are needed?
  7. thanks, which cable should I use?
  8. I have read about the possibility of connecting the SL2-S to the PC via USB to download files from the card as well as to charge the battery. I didn't find any indication about the cable to use.
  9. to shoot vertically with the camera on the tripod, do you need the hand grip? thanks in the meantime for the indications.
  10. I am on my first shots with the SL2-S. Do you think the multifunction hand grip is useful?
  11. sd with what characteristics to get the best performance on the SL2-S?
  12. I just picked up the SL2-S. I usually store the machine in my bag or rucksack with a protective case, possibly also to be kept mounted at all times. Is there a Leica one? Which one do you recommend'?
  13. I always read about the great qualities of the 35mm 'king of bokeh'. What appreciable differences are there with the new 35mm APO?
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