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  1. Thanks for the input Pete. I hope to have a M8 on its way to me soon! Will keep the 90mm Elmarit-M! Looking forward to a new challenge after my D2 and M6TTL! Peter
  2. Thanks all for your advice. I will keep the Elmarit-M after all and become familiar with existing lenses before I branch out! Will post "first" photos once I have my M8! Peter
  3. Thanks for the response! Yes, Elmarit-M 90mm f/2.8! Framelines are indeed tiny. Maybe I should look for a 75mm and retain the FoV I am used to with both the D2 and the 90mm Elmarit-M. Any preference for a 75mm lenses? Peter
  4. Long time Leica user and reader of this forum. First time post though! Currently I have a M6TTL and a Digilux 2. Lenses are a 35mm f/2 Summicron ASPH and a 90mm f/2.8 E46 Tele-Elemarit. I am in the process of transitioning to a M8/8.2 depending what is available in the marketplace with a leaning to a dealer purchase with limited warranty as the “safer’ way. I will retain the 35mm Summicron but am thinking I will have limited use of the 90mm and therefore should onsell this too. My question is: what experience do forum members have with the M8/ 90mm combination? I am assuming that given the 1.33 crop factor and the finder frameline I will have limited use for this combination. Peter
  5. redkea

    I like film...(open thread)

    Melbourne in autumn, M6 TTL 35mm f2 Summicron ASPH Kodak Ektar 100
  6. redkea

    I like film...(open thread)

    M6 TTL 35mm Summicron ASPH, Fuji Superia 400
  7. Upgrade to Mac OS 10.11.0 was successful ( 2009 Mac Mini) no issues with Aperture 3.6 (other than need to turn off On-screen proofing). Photoshop CC2015 also no issues. All applications marginally faster!
  8. redkea

    Panasonic LC1 SD card

    Welcome Nathan, Must be a SD card not SDHC! Maximum of 2GB. Format in camera. I have and have used Toshiba, Panasonic, Lexar and Sandisk! Peter
  9. redkea

    Card Reader Recommendations?

    Panasonic SD card reader is a good alternative. USB 2.0, robust and compact. Bought mine in Tokyo. Peter