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  1. Magic. I know how you feel. Been without a Q for too long. Must put it right.
  2. Love it. I think that the inclusion of the shop window display is a master stroke.
  3. @piran This whole County Show/Steam Rally series is terrific. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Fascinating image. Really made me linger. Still trying to work out exactly what I’m seeing.
  5. These are WOW to me. I absolutely love them. Really floats my boat.
  6. I want it. Simply don’t have the wedge.
  7. Keep coming back to view this. So simple and beautifully taken. Love it Keith.
  8. Neil. You’re such a scamp.!! Everyone know the future of photography is smart phones innit..
  9. Confession time. Due to a financial “event” I sold my Q-P a few weeks ago. Fortunately I’ve recovered from it and have managed to buy the same camera back. Should arrive today. Very happy.
  10. Love it. Bikes are one of my favourite subjects
  11. In my home town Guildford Town Clock by Trevor, on Flickr
  12. Me. I bought a used Q-P while waiting on Q2 preorder. On notification that my Q2 was ready to ship I cancelled it. Thrilled with my Q-P
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