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  1. Forgive my late entry into the scrum ... Working on a bunch of stuff today .... ES 335 clone that is now completely rebuilt .... plus all the household chores. Great to see the grandchildren growing up and they look amazing ... not just your skills but I am sure due to the love and support of the you Emma and the family. I hope the mother ship sent you a case of something in lieu of the party that must wait for a better time. All of your photos and the review is stellar .... nothing new there .... Your passion commitment and integrity continue to beguile and inspire us ... well done. Best regards, Bob
  2. Congratulations on a day worth celebrating! How many of those years seen through Leica glass(es) ?
  3. Cheap 335 ... one of the best I have played ... found a good one near the ceiling at a local GC. Q2M ....
  4. I am afraid I am at a loss to help ... last encounter with a SL(2) was years ago ... have only a Q2M at the present and have not kept current to the extant hardware for the system. Hopefully someone will step up ....
  5. All of the firmware links are named incorrectly ... need to rename it to SL2_3.0_.lfu Just get rid of all the nonsense at the beginning prior to the SL2 ....
  6. I checked the US site ... if I login I cannot find downloads ... so I re-entered the site home ... found Q2 and looked at firmware updates ... only 3.1 on the site and the naming is similar to what you have. However my Q2M firmware does not have the PM-55xxx only Q2M_1.lfu Wonder if renaming the file to Q2_30.lfu would make any difference. See this thread ...
  7. The second negates all of my concerns and throws more light ... as it were ... on the first. Beautiful model and the connection / energy is evident in the second. I too like the first ... character and strength is truly formed in a crucible of conflict and strife ... wonderful that you were able to connect through Instagram.
  8. Brent You have distilled the depiction of the moon clearly ... your capture evokes the mystery and whimsical nature of the lesser of the Heavenly bodies ... a sense of "the Moon is a Harsh mistress." Close captures ... 600mm against a stark background are evocative of forensic mug shots ... get all the detail ... lose all the passion. Henry ... great capture ... but every close capture I have attempted has been a bit soft ... hard to compete with the dedicated astronomy imaging platforms.
  9. Indeed perfect capture and presentation ...
  10. Yes but ... It is a compelling picture but I wonder if it is a bit over in exposure and it seems a bit one dimensional ... you have captured a stunning view of a woman but there seems to be no connection ... animosity ... anger ... rage ... but no sense that she has allowed you to see behind the veil. I get it ... Teheran ... and all the stress that defines life in that society .... Forgive my attempt to convey what I see ... Loo
  11. A significant advantage of the Q2M is the ability to bracket exposure in a single press of the shutter. I find that many shots would have been blown that now are recovered by using the lowest exposure ... and recovering in post. With my MM and M246 I had the disappointment of discovering blown highlights when nothing in the meter or histogram predicted their occurrence .... other times the longer exposure allowed a more subtle capture of midtones for post. No difference from the Q2 but a distinct advantage for the Q2M over the M monos for me as bracketing with them seemed less immediate.
  12. No filter just lighter exposure and the Platinum process tends to shift contrast a bit. Thanks.
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