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  1. M10 BP... i'm tempted, OMG!!!!!!! what a beaut...
  2. been there, done that... macbook air is only 1.2kg + M with lens 1.1kg + wallet and others 0.5kg + bag, total weight <5kg. i consider myself not a very strong/muscular, but anything under 6kg in my shoulder, i can still hold it for a full day wedding assignment. Maybe you should try some muscle exercise, friend. Cheers!!!
  3. You're welcome. They are very friendly and responsive. I order mine in Sand color, and i can also request engraved name in front of the bag.
  4. Yes, leather is always heavier than canvas. But, they also selling the waxed canvas series. I think the Rana 11 is the perfect size for me (1 body with 2 lenses and 1 macbook Air 13").
  5. if anyone want a full grain leather camera bag, check out Cravar Rana series. https://findingrange.com/2017/10/20/cravar-rana-10-leather-camera-bag-review I want to try Rana 11, because i also want to bring Macbook Air 13 and M body
  6. By the way, if you need photos with 72, Hadley Digital, Small Pro or Combi Bag; maybe i can help...
  7. Billingham Pola... i just add an old Lowepro Divider and velcro sticker to add a divider inside the bag. This bag is surprisingly big.
  8. Too bad this bag is NEVER sold in my country... Awesome bag!!!
  9. My replacement APO35 has arrived, it took only 1,5 months. The replacement lens is perfect so far, thank you Leica!
  10. Mine has a strange sound at the focus ring... and still waiting for the replacement / repaired lens.
  11. I used to have a very mint Summarit 50 with modded M mount thread. I agree it is a very low contrast lens and very hazy lens also. It is too hazy for my liking, and different than other Leica lens. The "classic" lens that i still has iis Rigid Cron 50 v2, but i considered it as a contrasty lens. Thanks for the comments, wizard.
  12. lowering haze slider didn't give the same results. i used to have elmarit 28 asph v2, and used it for a couple of months, and try to post processing it after i took the shots in Lightroom... But after using the summicron 28 and try my friend's summilux 28, i really get the render that i really like. The picture's contrast makes me feel the 3D render of the object. But all this is just my amateur opinion... thank you.
  13. a really lovely pictures! yes this is the kind of lenses i love. i really love the classic render.
  14. low contrast = low highlight, high shadows, or more controlled black/dark. thanks
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