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  1. M10 + Summaron28 (1,5mtr to 5mtr; F5,6) = perfect
  2. Test it with Leica SL2 yesterday. I think this is the best lens i've ever used. I also take a photo of my friends with a sun behind him, and push the shadows to expose the face, and the color is still excellent!
  3. i remember, 5 or 6 years ago i use and love TT Retrospective 5. I think it's very discreet to use in the street. Back then, i also think that Billingham people's look arrogant and it represents as a "theft attractive's bag". But.... after using Hadley Small, i understand the quality of materials, and why a lot of people really enjoy using it. The weight, the size and the compartments is perfect and usable, unlike the many pockets in Retrospective 5 that "unusable" for me (2 outside pockets and inside side pockets).
  4. Just want to share: Bekam (Blood Cupping with Buffalo's horn) Leica MP | Summicron50 Rigid | Kodak Ultramax400
  5. it feels pretty sturdy in the hand. the only inputs, it needs 1.2 mm wider so that it can covers the hand grip bump completely. but overall, i'm satisfied!
  6. It arrives yesterday,
  7. agree... recently i just bought Light lens lab 35mm/f2 v5. i think it will be a fine lens for analogue M. If you really want Leica lens, i suggest Summilux 50mm is an excellent choice.
  8. M10M+35APO, ISO64K JPEG I think ISO 64K is still usable with M10 Monochrome. The Noise is still OK in my eyes (maybe because i'm also used to see the grain from Kodak TMAX3200)
  9. i also ordered thumbie for my M10M, forgot to mention that i need it in black. i will post the picture when it arrives. Thank you
  10. i usually shot underexposed 1 to 2 stops, and then recover it in the post processing.
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