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  1. the choice will be much simpler when the black paint (the shinny one) M11 arrived... LOL
  2. hopefully... with beta firmware, the orange and red is more subtle than what i've used/like to see....
  3. I try M11 vs M10P @ISO 12.5K, as we all know that with M10P from ISO 10K up, there are a little color shift, especially in the shadow (skin tone shift towards green). And M11 at ISO12.5K will feel like ISO 6400 at M10P. maybe there are a 1 or 1,5stops improvement in High ISO (color and noise) vs M10P. For the color rendering, using beta firmware... M11 is a little bit flat than M10P. Hopefully Leica will improve it with the release firmware, but so far i dont like what i see...
  4. i recently use ang.leathercraft's signature ii neck strap with peak anchor
  5. magnification button has been moved to the right side of the shutter button
  6. the silver chrome's is held upside down.
  7. i heard the rumours that, m11 will be released in black paint version... but from what i see here, it is still a black chrome.
  8. from what i've heard, all M10 has been discontinued. M11 will be release in January. My advice: you have to decide SL or M first. SL1 vs SL2 is the same for me... (i don't like SL2s more flat color). Any M digital (from M8 to M10R) is ok, just differentiate in high iso capabilities for me.
  9. i'm using a cheap LED bulb in my living room. if i'm using "Live View"mode, my M10's LCD is flickering. maybe its the frequency of the LED light...
  10. the idea of M10D is really good. it is a "digital" camera for anyone loves the era of film / analogue. But for me, if you want to learn shooting without chimping, just buy M6 or MPor MA and enjoy all the experience (think, shoot, limited source (24 or 36), process, and surprise (good or bad) for the results. just like food... fusion food is always tastes... Wrong
  11. SL vs M is The Result vs The Process. That is my conclusion from using both for 5 -6 years.
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