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  1. G'day, just wondering if you or anyone knows - do I need a special 35mm to compensate for the smaller sized sensor format, or will any 35mm be accurate? I'm presuming that the multiplication of the sensor will mean that any third party 35mm could in theory be use. Looks like it's down to Voigtlander and Leica, are there others ? cheers
  2. Yes, sounds like a plan. The Fuji is 'ok',,, but it's nothing like the experience of shooting a Leica, at least from an M perspective. Still it's a sweet camera.
  3. Thanks. Me too re aperture priority, except when doing stills I really like the DOF preview functionality. Anyway, food for thought, I'm thinking of trading an X100T for the X 113.
  4. Perfect, thanks. Presumably the aperture and speed are in 1/3 increments?
  5. Greetings, I wonder if anyone out there using a X 113 can tell me; does it have a depth of field preview ability, and secondly, does it have a depth of field electronics scale?
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