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  1. Canon is breaking barriers with these RF lenses, imo. The 28-70 is an achievement as you mention, so is the 100mm 1.4x (!) macro they released recently.
  2. Yes, the 20/1.8 is very useful as it's the perfect FOV for casual video. AF-C sticks to an iris and doesn't let go. Extremely small and silent. I hear it's great for astro too but I haven't had the chance to try yet. There's no such versatile wide-angle lens in L-mount unfortunately.
  3. For starters For starters, the Canon RF lenses are epic. Not only are the latest GM offerings excellent, a couple of the E-mount Voigtlander APO-Lanthars are considered reference lenses. And yes, the offerings for telephoto and macro lenses are lacking in L-mount, as are fast prime wide-angle lenses. Btw it seems Sigma secretly formed an E-mount alliance without an annoucement because they offer the exact same lenses for Sony as well.
  4. I think the SL system only really makes sense if you enjoy the usability and build quality. The latest cameras from the major brands will produce equal or better images with more versatility. They offer basic and useful features that are omitted from the SL --- most notably a flip screen, battery life, black-out free e-shutter, and support for flashes/strobes. And more importantly, even with the L-mount alliance, the lens lineup is lacking. As for OOC color science, 3rd party presets and profiles are so good these days, I'm not sure it even matters anymore.
  5. You could take the R5 and one of your M's and get the best of both worlds, imo.
  6. For me, the M is what makes Leica special and I would never part with it. As for other MILC's they cater to difference preferences but they all basically do the same thing, imo. I shoot with a Sony A1 now as I prefer a smaller body with more useful features (flip screen, flash compatibility, AF-C tracking for video, etc etc) for critical work. My order of preference would pretty much look the exact opposite of Gordon's lol. I've owned all those cameras and they were all fun, but at the moment my shooting requires speed and accuracy for both stills and video. Sony is great for that. The current Canon offerings would work too. If I were to go back to L-mount (if my requirement changes) I'd probably start with one of the Panasonic offerings. Can you afford 2 bodies if the 2nd weren't a Leica?
  7. I've had both and the build quality feels the same. Optically they are identical as well. The 2 big differences are: 1) Version I allows the hood to be attached in reverse for transportation 2) Version I is less convenient when used with the newer macro adapter (might want to do some researching if you plan to use the macro adapter)
  8. I had both a M9-P and M10-P for a while, and settled with the M9-P. I think it's the prettier camera with 3 windows in the front like film M's. I prefer the louder shutter sound and I also like that it boots up quicker. It's a bit lighter too. Could never get used to the ISO dial on the M10. For what I use the camera for (snapshots during day) the ISO 800 is enough. And lastly, I love the CCD look 😍
  9. Sorry but I don't want to go through that trouble just to prove a point on a message board. I would be willing to help you if you still own the camera, but you don't. As I said, Balance Emphasis is the setting you need to use if you want a good balance of speed and AF accuracy. Release priority is still good enough for many situations, as in the 9K 30p short film shot above.
  10. Given that your framerate dropped with the subject moving, you probably set up the AF-C to AF priority which reduces the framerate substantially. You need to set it up to Release Priority if you want the full 30 fps, or Balance Emphasis which gives you anywhere from mid-20 (moving subjecty) to 30 fps (if subject moves slow or stationary) There may have been other settings that you may have missed but it is user error, 100%.
  11. Sorry but I think you set up your camera wrong. I don't have the issues you posted nor have I heard of anyone that mentioning them. Too bad you had to return it before you could correctly set up the camera.
  12. See above. These are essentially 9K 30P videos.
  13. I'm not sure why this is even a debate. I've tried the 30 fps with my 35gm. In my short testing, shooting my kid running around, I got late 25-30 fps shooting RAW, consistently. These are both 30 fps videos shot with 50MP bursts.
  14. Digital photography with liveview is basically pulling frames out of a video. There's barely any distinction with the latest cameras.
  15. That makes sense as we all have our preferences. Ergonomics is fine for me as I have medium sized hands and I never wear gloves when shooting. As for speed, I meant speed in general, including read/write, buffering, AF acquisition, 1/400 flash sync, etc etc. I rely on AF for video so the L-mount cameras are a non-starter. Canon is great too but their codecs make the file sizes unacceptably huge. Sony files are much more manageable (even for 10bit 4k120p) especially when used with proxies. As for stabilization, I use a small gimbal for rare projects (all serious work needs a gimbal if we're being honest) but I'm surprised how effective Catalyst Browse is for most handheld stuff. There are compromises of course, but the A1 has allowed me to consolidate all my MILC's into one body. I've tried them all, and at the end of the day they're all computers in a box, just with different shapes and flavors. Nothing comes remotely close to a rangefinder for pure enjoyment.
  16. Yeah, speed/AF isn't much of an upgrade over even the original A9. If you aren't regularly using at least 2 of it's 3 main strengths (speed, resolution, video) then it probably makes little sense to upgrade.
  17. BTW the EVF and IBIS issues are fixed with the firmware (v1.10) released today.
  18. I see, I don't have that problem in Japan as the Sony service here is great. I purchased mine from the Sony Store and their 5-year warranty covers all accidental (including drop and water) damage as well. Both my A1's have been great so far, knock on wood.
  19. I recently sold all of my X1D/GFX/SL gear and I consolidated to a couple of Sony A1's. Honestly I've been kind of a Sony hater the last few years so I was skeptical at first but after testing one for a couple weeks I bought a second A1 shortly after. The tech simply works and it's helped my keeper rate to sky-rocket. I've owned the NEX-5 and A7ii in the past, and I feel Sony has come a long way with their menu system and color science. I Iove their new S-cinetone profile, as it makes cinematic looking video incredibly easy. And the 24, 35 and 50 GM lenses are just epic. Dare I say they are the best trio of lenses I've ever owned.... As for my Leica gear, I'm quite happy with my Q2, M6, and M9-P. For family outings or travel, these small Leica's are a joy to use.
  20. If you aren't shooting with a 28, 35, or 50mm lens using the rangefinder 90% of the time, the M is not for you. It's not a liveview camera.
  21. Well this is a gear forum. And differences in rendering and color pallette are valid points to be made in a gear forum. If you truly believe that the photographer and his/her skill is all that really matters, I'm curious as to why you visit a gear forum as routinely as you do.
  22. Actually that's more of a point you like to make repetetively on this forum. I feel like I've read that line at least 10 times.
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