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  1. How do you activate the actual self timer procee on the Q and Q2. I know how to set the time lag but how do you start the function? Thanks, Mitch
  2. How do you delete or change the camera info bands showing shutter speed, iso, apeture, etc. at the top and bottom of the rear screen and viewfinder? Thanks, Mitch
  3. How do I request a written copy of the instruction manual from Leica for my new SL2-S? Thanks, Mitch
  4. How do you turn off the Histogram function and get into the "Capture Assistants" in the SL2 -s Menu? Thanks, Mitch
  5. Gadfly, Where did you get the black Leica logo for the CL? I'd love to get a couple. Thanks, Mitch
  6. Does any one know if the q and q2 leica grips are interchangeable as to fit?
  7. Is the lens hood that comes with the special Summilux 1.4 ASPH Ghost Edition metal or plastic? Thanks for your help!
  8. With the 47MP capacity on the Q2, you can set the crop at 35mm and get higher res images/pics, about 30MP, than you ever could on the Q. Problem solved and you get to see all the stuff outside the frame lines, just like on the M10.
  9. Are any of you using TL lenses on your SL/SL2? How do you like them and what are your favorites? Lets see some pics! Thanks. Mitch
  10. Wonderful! Now we need the specs and pictures? Anyone care to guess specs?
  11. This service has been available for at least 8 months. I've already had it done on 3 Q's and 2 Q2's. They do a really nice job.
  12. With out pixel peeping and looking at files under a microscope, what would the same picture look like taken by the 2 cameras to 99% of folks looking at it? Your well thought out opinions are eagerly solicited.
  13. What specs/features do you think the Q2 Monochrome will have and would you be interested?
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