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  1. Thinking of it. It is now actually more odd that they sell the same camera with a slight different firmware and make up
  2. Huge files! DNGs are about 80+MB and JPGs are 10+MB. So need to come up with a better workflow! However, it makes cropping possible!
  3. That's really good I haven't seen that thank you , I'm not too worried about camera exif or software lens corrections as it is quite minimal with M lenses anyway I think that would be a great camera.
  4. Will it definetely work with M lenses? It is all manual and no electronic connections so should work but my worry what if the firmware stops it Do we know if any other manual lens can be adapted?
  5. I think it will be priced between 1.5 to 2 times more than the TL2 for the viewfinder, body stabilisation and retro styling. Pure speculation though For that reason I do believe there will be reason for both cameras to coexist
  6. You can find it at a Leica store. They don't sell it on the web site, but they do in store where they do servicing. I got mine from them
  7. Hi I suggest to read the manual which is very useful. For this one it is swiping from top to bottom but there will be other things you would want to know and manual will have all the answers
  8. Both of the lenses will work on each system. T will have SL lenses, or any other half frame or full frame lens as long as there is an adapter for it (with 1.5 of the focal length), and SL is the same as T but with 1 focal length for most of the cases unless it is specifically designed for smaller sensor (like TL).
  9. Hi, It should be possible If connect camera with the USB cable, it will be seen as storage. Copy the file to the internal memory ( using storage drive), then follow the same instructions should do the trick.
  10. Hi all, I am experimenting with custom colour profiles for T/TL, I am using Capture One as my raw editor, I liked the default profile for people and indoor shots, but I like more saturated look on landscapes and old town. I created the ICC profile for the Leica T, please give it a try and let me know your thoughts. LeicaT-Color Corrected.icm from Dropbox Thank you
  11. I use capture one mainly because I'm against the idea of rental software,so I don't really like what adobe is doing to the industry. On the other hand very happy with capture one, I found it easier to use than lightroom, and also don't need to edit much as the camera profile for T is really good
  12. I use autofocus only, it is faster and more accurate than i am especially without overlapping images to help
  13. It is the motors on the lens controlled by the lens firmware that talks with the camera firmware using digital connectors, and camera firmware algorithm decides the part of the image to be on focus depending on the choice of the focus options. The size of the lens is mainly because of the elements they need to use for the lens and f length to achieve the design
  14. And it is still 2.4mb it is the lightest app on my phone, really well done
  15. I think the same as Bernie, they have done exactly with q titanium and no one seemed to complain about it. It just needs more time as the current mode, is perfectly fine
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