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  1. I also can't update the firmware of my L lenses on SL2, is there any way to do that?
  2. I believe that the SL2, like Panasonic cameras, will also receive the firmware update that will make autofocus more performing. The SL2 is an amazing camera, if they improve the AFc, it could become perfect!😉 🤞
  3. @analog-digital absolutely agree with you, it’s the different color and BW performance of the CCD vs CMOS that makes the M9 and other CCD cameras still highly valued. A friend who creates color profiles for Lightroom and C1, has never been able to get a profile that emulates the M9 and M9M! and he's a very good technician...
  4. Thank you all for your advice!!! Just now I confirmed the camera and, if all goes well, the day after tomorrow will be at home😃 I had the M240, great camera, but it never satisfied me completely; in the past I used the M9 always really appreciating the final result. These days I have had this opportunity (@analog-digital the price is under 2000 euros) and I was tempted and in the end, thanks to your comments, I decided to take it. I'll let you know the first shots, I hope it's the right companion of my SL2.
  5. @Boojay @pippy, thank you so much for the answers!!! Perfect, I wanted to be sure of this because, on the web, I had read about users with sensor replaced in 2017 that then presented the problem...🤔
  6. One question: I read around that some substitute sensors had the same corrosion problem! It's possible to understand if the new sensor is "definitive" and free from the problem? depends on the replacement year? Thank you for your help
  7. @rramesh Sure, the price is very interesting and the camera is like new with sensor replaced 1 year ago. I had the M240 but it never fully satisfied me and the M10 is still too expensive. When I used the M9 I always really appreciated the result, that's why I'm very tempted...
  8. Hello everyone, these days I'm thinking about taking an M9 and I'm not if this is crazy! It's a friend's camera with less than 2000 shots and sensor replaced by Leica 1 year ago, the price is also very very interesting. In the past I have used the M9 and loved the CCD sensor. What would you do? I'm very tempted... Thank you in advance for tips😉
  9. India, on the outskirts of Habaneri, I attended a traditional Indian wedding. This little girl was one of the youngest guests and had the traditional headgear of the village. Leica SL - APO Summicron SL 90 mm @ f2
  10. I have changed several Leica lenses but I never thought to change my beloved Noctilux 50 f1 v4 (a few years ago I had the 50 0.95 that I sold without any regrets). With the dense sensor of the SL2 I feared that my "old" Noctilux might lose its magic, fortunately my fears were unfounded 😉 Even the simplest photo, with this lens, becomes something magical...
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