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  1. I suspected that the lens is sufficiently Zeiss wartime, but I am far from expert. I think you will like the lens after cleaning. I do hope there is no fungus...can do irreversible harm. But if clean and nice, there is nothing like a sonnar on film. The MOOLY should cover both baseplate and lens CLA. BTW, I would feel comfortable sending a PM to Brian over on RFF if you had any specific questions. He would genuinely be happy to hear from you and your lens.
  2. I'm really curious what Brian S has to say about this lens. Looking at the photos, it appears to be an aluminum mount with KMZ level of finish. But Zeiss bubbles and those ears on the aperture ring.... possible Zeiss or KMZ, but Zeiss components, glass, almost certainly!
  3. While you were at RFF you should have asked about this lens. There is a sonnar specialist there. His name is Brian. Can tell you everything there is to know about your lens. And more. You may want to go back to that second hand shop and see what else they have. I already hinted that your MOOLY is a very lucky find.
  4. I strongly suspect this is in Wetzlar.
  5. My 1933 black rim Summar has bad Schneideritis. Apparently the paint has been used in lenses since early times.
  6. Wait. Did you say you set speed first and then wind? There's your problem. Screwmount Leicas don't work that way. Someone here will clarify, but you may be damaging the camera setting speed first.
  7. Yep. A holy curtain. Needs to go to confession.😀
  8. Wow. Is that a vulture engraving?
  9. Is there something odd about the lens flange on HCBs camera? It looks like it's not fully attached to the body. I don't have a 1a to check, but I find it odd to see the gap between the lens flange, with squared off top edge, and body.
  10. Will a rigid summicron head thread into a 16464? I don't have a rigid to check, but I would confirm that first, then see if it provides a reasonable focus range.
  11. Oh. I have one of those too. No idea what it's for. I hope someone can tell us.
  12. And RFF too. I doubt I would be in the running as a buyer, but the story of these working URs is known there too. And, I'm quite certain that there are interested folks out there that would like one of these in their collection.
  13. I had one of the lenses in the original post. My research at the time just indicated that Schneider made some xenon's in LTM. But, not very many. The lens performed much as expected, but had a bit of haze. Sold it before cleaning...to an excited collector. The lens in the recent posts looks like an LF lens for sure.
  14. Lens in photos is a summar, not elmar, but the A36 filters and hood will all work as noted. A beautiful camera, except for the flash sync hack....
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