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  1. Good evening community, this are my first ideas on the question if it is worth to invest into the big sister the SL2 or better not. I know that here are some discussions on that, ok, this is mine. My question is not to get rid of the camera I loved the most (my CL), it is more if it is worth to make use of the same system and buy the SL2. I have bought one, no I check it, finally I decide. There is nothing to say about quality, EVF, intelligent handling and all those things of the SL2 (they are all great, full stop) and its weight compared to CL (2.5 times or so), my question is based on
  2. WOW, what a massive response on my little „ohoh“, hope they read it at Leica. I do not know sales figures, I can only answer with a photographer‘s ❤️. The SL system might be fantastic in terms of technology, but it is by far too heavy and too large. Do not want to walk for hours with this camera and these lenses. When shooting street or portrait with my CL people love the size of camera and lens, they do not feel attacked. Look at the fantastic pictures of Louis, he is so close to the people. Finally a secret for Leica: I have a CL and no M and buy M lenses, cross-selling…
  3. Today I was invited to participate in a survey on future interfaces, screens etc. for Leica. Upfront I was asked, which camera I use. And the CL was not on the list…
  4. I use the excellent APO Macro 100/2.8 with superb results
  5. I had the X100F and I was happy for quite a while, then the frustration starts: - colors are always quite pink, only b&w was superior - the EVF was un-precise - I was lost in menu of the camara, one wrong click and I found myself nowhere - the raw-material was often a surprise, hhmm how to say…well if you take a picture with a Leica you get what you did, a defined result made by a perfect tool, with the Fuji I received what Japanese engineers expect I would like to receive - correction of my correction: I correct exposure by lets say minus 1, nothing happens, than
  6. correct, why having such a nice little CL when using these large lenses… a German website, a relevant one, rated the new 35 Ultron above Leica in terms of performance.
  7. i read field curverture too and something about vignetting, but both were not visible on my CL. For me no issue.
  8. There is a new lens from VL, the new Ultron 28/2.0, which is like having a 40-42mm Summicron. And it performs quite well. But step by step. As usual with recent VL lenses build quality and haptics are great. You could choose between 3 styles, mine is the black one, but the lens as such is equal in all 3 versions. The lens is tiny, 39mm screw only, light, but you feel its weight or solid structures. Every ring is moving smart, that is a pleasure. Lens hood is recommended, I guess even more using the CL. Hoods look well, but are priced as Leica. One nice aspect: shortest distance 50cm.
  9. That is a great report, a well written personal view and well balanced. My experience was even shorter, I had the SL2 in my hand, was impressed by the EVF, but had the feeling that I do not want to spend my time with some x.5 kg in my hand or around my neck. Decision within 15 minutes: I remain with the CL and M-lenses. Correct comment: it does not matter if Oskar would run for CL (I guess he would), Leica is doing well offering different systems for different needs. And for me this little flexibel L-mount CL is matching best. Thanks for your honest and well elaborated post!
  10. There is one outstanding lens I can recommend: the APO 100/2.8 macro lens. It has the great 3D look if you use it for portraits etc. It is a fantastic macro lens. And it shows wonderful Bokeh. The performance of this lens is great. The use on CL with EVF is perfect. It is know as one of the best R-lenses. I am simply impressed by the results.
  11. The corners: I love the CL for its size, it’s flexibility and it’s EVF. On the other hand the M might become of interest given a new generation offers a real EVF. Then i would be better prepared wit the latest 28/2.8. thanks for your information, this channel helps making decisions! philipp
  12. Thanks, then I could expect that the actual model is even sharper with more micro contrast. At least that is the promise of Leica😀.
  13. Hi, is there anyone with experience about that combo? My idea is to use it as a small combo for traveling with focus on landscape. I am not a fan of the TL lenses and I am considering to return to M-System if there will be a real build in EVF, in fact I use almost always M-mount on CL. Criteria for the 28/2.8 would be sharpness and micro contrast. thanks! Philipp
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